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Design Ideas for the Bathroom and Kitchen.
Open air bathrooms

Open living has been big in house trends, but we still seem to be timid when it comes to our bathrooms. An open air bathroom is all about breaking down that barrier, literally. Imagine relaxing on a warm evening in your bath and looking at the stars. It is possible and this trend can also be adapted for inner city living without having your neighbors watching. Here are a few open air bathrooms that we love the look of.
apartment therapy image
apartment therapy image
apartment therapy image
Extreme open air
Moo Bay

How much is too much TV?
Thanks to Siemens you can now enjoy TV’s built into a kitchen range hood. No this isn't a joke, you can buy one here: Siemens range hood - It has a LCD flat screen and DVD player on the side too. This probably not the best idea considering most the world's white population is fighting an obesity epidemic. However, we would love one if we could afford the US$2500 price tag.
TV range hood

TV range hood siemens

Ditch the towel get a body dryer
Air Robe Body Dryer

A new trend in bathroom accessories is the Body Dryer. Designed by Air Robe it changes the way in which we dry ourselves after that warm shower. Step out of the water and then into a stream of warm air. Dry yourself and hair in one! This was previously only for the wealthy but now with technology rapidly changing it makes these type of products more available and affordable for the rest of the world.
Air Robe Body Dryer

Flat Panelled Heated Towel Ladder

There is nothing better than stepping out of the shower on a cold morning and reaching for a heated towel. Ontario’s Chrome Flat Paneled Heated Towel Ladder Rail is unique in design. Its flat panel design outputs a temperature of 50 degrees and is 510mm x 1201mm in size.

Fog free shave
It’s 8am you are running late for work and you need to shave after you shower. You start to shave and the mirror constantly fogs up cause you to have an uneven shave with nics. Does this sound familiar? Get yourself a Li-Lo Shower Shave Mirror. It has anti-fog properties so you don’t need to worry about the steam affecting your shave. It is equipped with a Double LED Light angled to illuminate the face, has a built in digital clock and a place to hang your razor. Priced at £9.99.

Shower Shave

Chilling Retro Style
A company called the Big Chill has launched a range of retro styled fridges. These are great to bring back memories of 'yester-year'. The best part is that they don’t weigh a tonne any more and they house all the technology modern fridges have. Prices start at US$3295 and available in eight different colors.

Big Chill
Retro fridge
Retro fridge
Toilet love
How much do you love your toilet? Enough to have it encrusted with 50 000 hand set Swarovski crystals?
Designed by Jemal Wright for a mere US$75 000. Wright has a series of chromed and bejeweled bathroom design concepts on offer (for the right price).


crystal loo

Crystal Toilet
Manhandle your kitchen

These Manhandles, while 'unique' might be perfect for an alternative style kitchen (think recycled glass counters, timber veneer, led lighting). They are made from a 'bashed' brass by Soko who have a variety of unique handles in their range - Incidentally, there are also hooks available in the same design style.



Wall ovens getting a raise
Gaggenau Lift Oven

You would be forgiven for thinking this wall oven was a breast imaging machine if you didn't see it in context. This creative concept by Gaggenau has completely changed the way in which we (might) use an oven. No more tempting fate as you reach into a hot oven to test the muffins at the back! You just lift the top of the oven and prod the food as much as you like.

The 24-inch oven uses its LiftMatic function to raise and lower the glass ceramic base. The company claims that this oven actually reduces heat loss when you open the oven (since heat rises into the oven, instead of out into the room).

Built to sit inside top cabinets or on kitchen walls, the oven offers 11 heating methods and has a stainless-steel-tinted glass front. The lift oven has been available since July 2007.

Lift Oven

Lift Oven

Wine bottle light fixture
3 wine bottle light fixture
This three light island bar, created by Meyda, would be perfect for the Kitchen Island. There are a few different colors to choose from, but we love the authenticity of the ‘Weathered Leaf Green’ shown here. The lights would make a great talking point for the kitchen and great for wine enthusiasts.
Bottle light shade
Btl light

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