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Water Saving Showerheads  E-mail

There’s a lot of talk these days about doing our bit for the environment by changing small habits in our everyday life. With modern-day technology focussing on green innovation, saving water when you shower no longer means turning the taps off to wash your hair, nor do you have to sacrifice water pressure. One of the easiest ways to minimise the amount of water you use is by changing your showerhead.

Water Saving Shower Head

There are a lot of water-saving showerheads on the market, but this innovative option by Natural Collection (UK) has everything from sleek design to delivering the kind of water pressure you have come to rely on. Easily attaching to your existing shower fitting, this eco-friendly showerhead can save you up to 70% in water consumption! That’s not just good news for your water bill, but good news for the environment too!

Devine Decolav glass bathroom sinks
An often-overlooked part of the bathroom is the humble bathroom sink. This however doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The translucence collection of tempered glass vessel sinks from Decolav will add a touch of class to any bathroom. These beautiful sinks come in such a wide range of colors, shapes and textures that choosing a unique design that suits your bathroom is easy. Choosing  a tempered glass sink also provides a much higher level of strength and safety so a Decolav sink also brings peace of mind.

Decolav Glass tempered sinks
Tempered frosted glass undermount

Decolav Glass tempered sinks
Tempered checkered glass vessel

Decolav Glass tempered sinks
Tempered ring artistic glass vessel

These sophisticated sinks also come with a wide range of optional extras including mounting rings, umbrella drain, grid drain, push button closing umbrella drain and the patented drain with mounting system.


Decolav Glass tempered sinks


Square tempered transparent glass vessel

To find these beautiful sinks simply visit the Decolav website.

Modern Cesana shower enclosures

Showering is a daily activity (well for most of us it is) so why not shower in elegance and style. The Eclisse shower enclosure from Cesana achieves this effortlessly. This beautiful shower has two circular areas, which are both joined and separated by 6mm transparent curved glass panels. The walk in design offers safety from the typical slippery shower floor. Thanks to the clever design by Piet Billekens the wet area holds water well whilst the walk in area remains a comfortable place to dry off.

Cesana Showers
The Eclisse from Cesana

The Eclisse also features a shower mat made of teak and shaped to the form of the shower for both style and comfort. This shower proves that elegance and practicality can exist side by side.

Cesana Showers

The Eclisse

Cesana Showers

These amazing shower enclosures are available from Cesana.
Gorgeous Japanese inspired baths
Japanese Inspired Baths

Remember the movie Memoirs of a Geisha and the elaborate settings. Now you can play it at home. Japanese inspired baths are becoming more popular in the home. Japanese Baths have designed a range of baths that are the traditional Japanese wooden tub and also Japanese inspired tubs that are made from a durable acrylic product complete with whirlpool jets.

The only problem we have with Japanese Baths is that their range is so great we have trouble picking out which ones we like the best.

Japanese Inspired Baths

Japanese Inspired Baths
They also make hot tubs too which we also think is fabulous too! Japanese Baths have such a great range they are hard to go past.
Wooden baths for your bathroom
Imagine relaxing in a bath that is created with wood; bring elements of nature into your bathroom. Avoid the traditional porcelain and acrylic bath tub and have a wooden tub to soak away the day in.

Driftwood Handmade Wooden Baths have a variety of baths styles to choose from. Not only are they elegant, they also have sleek and minimalist lines making them robust and they don’t go out of fashion. Wooden baths are also better for the environment as they are made from renewable raw material and they trap more heat than an acrylic or porcelain baths; as when you fill with warm water the wooden tub does not have to be heated up as much as other bath tub materials would need to be.
Large driftwood tub

Wooden tubs have been inspired by Japanese baths and Driftwood Handmade baths have created a variety of styles to suit your bathroom decor and design. They have created rectangle, oval, corner and Japanese Ofuro inspired baths.

Driftwood Handmade Oval Tub

All of their baths have been coated with a durable coat over the wood to make it last a lifetime. Since wood is a naturally porous product Driftwood has created and tested a coating that will protect the product and make it survive whatever life throws at it.

All of the Driftwood baths can be ordered online and viewed on their website which is very informative about their fabulous product. It covers details such as dimensions, how to order a Driftwood Bath and why a Driftwood bath is the best choice in style and sustainability.
Eco-Friendly Backsplash Materials: Recycled Glass Tile  E-mail


Bedrock Recycled Glass

For part one of our “Kitchens with a Conscience” series, we’ve got a great product for your kitchen backsplash that offers both style and substance – recycled glass tile. Made from sources like beer bottles through to industrial off-cuts, this material is the perfect way to go green while creating a stunning backsplash.

To make recycled glass tiles, producers take waste glass that has been saved from landfill or is no longer usable, and melt it down in a heated furnace, where temperatures can hit well over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The molten glass is then put in a mould and trimmed to the right size and form. While recycled glass can be mixed with industrial color, it is best when left in its original form – giving each batch of tiles its own unique look.

Bedrock Industries in Seattle (pictured above) create their hand crafted “BlazeStone” tiles using glass that is 100% post-consumer and post-industrial, and they don’t use any oxides or colorants. The company even operates community bottle drives to encourage recycling and ships their tile using recycled boxes.

There are many companies that now deal in only recycled glass materials. Others include Eco-Friendly Flooring (pictured below), Aurora Glass (where all proceeds go to benefit St Vincent de Paul) and Sandhill Industries (US).

Eco Flooring Glass


Sexy stainless steel corner bath

Stainless steel is a big trend in kitchens, but now it is becoming a big trend in the bathroom. Imagine soaking away in a stainless steel corner bath?!


Stainless Steel Corner Bath


Diamonds Spas specialize in stainless steel and copper products, their brushed stainless steel corner baths are hugely popular. They have a flat base so it is roomy enough for two and a corner bath is a great way to save space in your bathroom. You can also double it as a shower by adding a shower screen or curtain and shower heads above.
For a quote on your new stainless corner bath contact them via their website.

Contemporary kitchen range hoods  E-mail
modern range hood

BMD Modern Hoods make contemporary range hoods combining aesthetics with function - these great looking hoods are designed for residential use but deliver commercial grade performance (meaning that you'll never have a kitchen full of smoke ever again). You would expect these sleek looking hoods to be expensive - while not cheap BMD Modern Hoods is also claim  to provide a better lead time and price point than its competitors. For more information visit BMD Modern Hoods
A very “shiny” basin and bath for your bathroom.


LED basin


How great are these glowing basins?! Introducing an illuminated, wall-mounted, polyethylene sink. They are available with internal multicolored, programmable LED light unit, or with a regular light fitting. They come in a range of colors such as pink, purple, green, blue and white. Priced from US$249.00.


Now you have seen the is the LED illuminated bath tub. This bath tub is self standing and comes in red, yellow, orange, green and white. Priced from US$1499.00.


Cool Ceramic Image Tiles

Ever wanted a certain image in your kitchen or bathroom tiles? Perhaps a kitchen splash back that you dreamed of that you knew would only be possible as a glass splash back? Well now you can have your ceramic tiles with an image of your choice. Imagine Tiles have changed the way we look at the ceramic tile.
Is it really easy to customize your tiles, you simply take a picture of the image you want or perhaps it is one you already have and you send it to them as a digital file and they send you one “proof tile”, give them the thumbs up and they mass produce your image and send them to you.
Imagine a shower decked out in your own photos or a kitchen displaying images from your travels!
Our favorite is grass image tiles for the floor.

Grass Image tile
Image tile
Imagine Ceramic Tiles

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