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Design Ideas for the Bathroom and Kitchen.
Two Sculptural, Elegant Washbasins from Bandini  E-mail

Ever dreamed of recreating the magical atmosphere of the ocean with its waves that burst ashore into your own bathroom? Than the new Ocean washbasin by Italian manufacturer Bandini is just what you need! Its edgy, sophisticated design consisting of curved, wavy lines reminiscent of ocean movement will create a state of calm, serenity and tranquility.




This ultra-modern washbasin is made in Technoform, an innovative, sleek acrylic resin resembling ceramic. The advantage of this material is that it is very resistant, so it will be very hard for the basin to scratch or break.




The basins in the Ocean collection are available in two shiny colours: black and white, both of them giving your bathroom the same mark of distinction, elegance and refinement.

3 Decorated Vas Lavatory Facucets from Kohler  E-mail


With a wide range of patterns and textures that give them unique, distinctive looks, decorated lavatory faucets are the hottest trend in bathroom interior designing. Combining textures, ideas and colors, having a history of 2,000 years to serve them as inspiration, sky is the limit for today's designers! Just a single look at the new decorated lavatories by Kohler will convince you they have created true works of art.


Stylish and sophisticated, the Cerana design catches the eye with its gold and brown jewel-like texture and the rhythmic pattern of joint-flying bees.



Recreating the look and feel of silk, the Silkweave model features a geometric pattern with platinum threads on a matte, while background. It's pure classic elegance.




White and blue flowers decorate this facet which was inspired by a porcelain vase dating from the reign of Yung Lo from the Ming dynasty. This ceramic piece gives a scent of tranquility and quiet luxury to the landscape.

Drop-in Bath Tub with a Multifunctional Seat  E-mail


A refreshing bath becomes even more pleasant and relaxing with the novel, innovative system of the drop-in bathtub. The integrated grip rail and constant depth in every inch of the rectangular tub make it very easy to go in and out, in comparison to regular, oval-shaped tubs which are far more slippery.



Another interesting feature of this tub is its optional, wooden seat that easily slides along the bath's rounded part.This multifunctional seat can also be used as a board on which to put a glass of water or a magazine.

Stylish. Effortless. Functional. There are three words to describe the new Parity Bath from Kohler.

7 Black Modern Vanities from AquaLinea  E-mail

When it comes to a black bathroom vanity, there is no comparison between now and 30 years ago. Back in the late '70s to early '80s, a black bathroom vanity was relatively common and dull. At this time, people were trying to escape the “flower power” frenzy and turn to something more sober. The major problem with black vanities was that they scratched, eventually ending up with worn spots. Nowadays, with the new materials and techniques, the sinks look better than ever while holding up.

Today the designs are simply breathtaking. Manufacturers have outdone themselves with unique, stylish designs while keeping the prices affordable. A great thing about choosing black is that it can blend perfectly with any bathroom decorum. And remember, nothing speaks Elegance and Refinement more than black. 

Here are a few vanity models from AquaLinea to help you decide.



The District is a very modern wall hung bathroom vanity with a ceramic counter top and sink. It's the perfect match for a chick look at your home or bathroom remodeling.  A modern mirror accompanies this bathroom vanity with a white ceramic sink.




The Webb wall mounted modern bathroom vanity includes a large oval porcelain vessel  overmounted on the sleek counter top. This bathroom vanity features a white porcelain sink combined with a wall mounted side cabinet with open shelving and a matching mirror. Offering lots of storage space, it is perfect for a half bath or smaller powder room.




The Avondale is a modern bathroom vanity with a ceramic sink and faucet. Fits anywhere since it doesn't occupy a lot of space. A sleek, eye catching bathroom vanity for any bathroom decor.




The Summerset combines the modern look of tempered glass with a dark espresso finished solid hardwood construction. The 19mm tempered glass top that sits on atop this sleek design reveals a sunken, fully visible glass basin with one touch pop-up drain. An accompanying freestanding side cabinet with frosted glass door offers additional storage space. This fantastic bathroom vanity furniture set will make your bathroom a vision of beauty.




Blackwell modern bathroom vanity featuring frosted glass sliding cabinet door, glass shelves and plenty of storage. This bathroom vanity features a large white white porcelain sink in the counter top combined with a matching mirror and wall mounted glass shelves. With its elegant porcelain counter top, this vanity gives a luxurious look to any bathroom.




The Marlboro is an ultra modern wall hung bathroom vanity with a moulded sink and purple glass counter top. A clean design which is wall mounted and allows for extra storage. Matching wall mounted cabinet with glass counter top and freestanding cabinet with glass counter top. A modern mirror & medicine cabinet with built in lighting complete this bathroom vanity set. Plum colored cabinet bathroom vanity is both functional and simplistic in design.




The Payton is a modern wall mount bathroom vanity with a round ceramic sink. A completely wall mount modern vanity design which is allows for ample storage in your bathroom. Matching wall mounted shelf with open shelving. A round mirror with wood accents and glass shelf complete this bathroom vanity set.

Raindance Rainfall - Turn your Bathroom Shower into a Waterfall!  E-mail

To sit under a tropical waterfall! To feel the nature, the water caressing your skin, getting the vitality of nature ... All these sensations are offered to you by Raindance Rainfall, the new creation of Hansgrohe’s longtime partner, Phoenix Design.


Its elegant, modern style and minimalist finish captivates and delights. Finally, there is the abundance of showering space this design permits, allowing the user to move around freely in all three spray modes.

The rain panel has three ways to set the direction of water, including a totally new concept for showers - the torrent setting.

The three spray modes:

  • Rain AIR, a refreshing mix of air and water
    Rain Mode
  • Whirl, two massaging jets recede into the fixture when not in use  Whirl Mode
  • Rainflow, a torrent spray



Each of the three spray modes has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. 

The prices for the two different finishes are $2,948 in chrome and $3,998 in brushed nickel.



Magic Shower Enlightenment  E-mail

Have you ever imagined checking the water temperature just by looking at its color? Thanks to the new MagicShowerhead with incorporated LED lights - the color will tell you, if the water is white = cold, blue = warm, blue/red = warmer and red = hot. Embrace your senses with this innovative technology - a fortunate combination of comfort, utility and novel design.


Temperature Sensitive Showerhead


And if you're a "one-color" person, you can opt for the single-colored showerhead, having seven different colors from where you can choose. The power of chromo-teraphy is well known: start your day with optimism and feel the coziness of the yellow water or reboost your energy after a hard day at workchoosing the green showerhead. The rest is up to you to discover!


Fixed Showerheads


A truly eco-friendly product, this showerhead doesn't need any batteries or electricity. Its mesemerising glow is powered by your home’s water pressure. And its price (50$-70$) is pretty friendly, too.

Conceal Your Clutter  E-mail
Concealed Cabinet Frames

 It’s a medicine cabinet that doubles as a work of art! Created by i-innovators (US), the Concealed Cabinet is the world's only recessed cabinet featuring a picture frame for a door. Once installed, it looks and operates just like a picture frame hanging on the wall, meaning your storage stays concealed. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing - you can insert your own photographs or prints into the frame and change them whenever you like!

Cabinets come in a range of sizes and finishes, so they’re perfect for any room in the house because you can match the picture and the frame to suit your décor. Use it in the bathroom to store medicines, in the kitchen to keep spices organised, in the bedroom to hide away your jewellery and personal items, or in the living room to organise keys, mail and all other kinds of clutter that can build up around the house.

Concealed Cabinet Storage

Prices start at $300 and can be ordered online through i-innovators. They'll even throw in free shipping!

Wooden Tiles for your…Bathroom?!  E-mail

No, you don't need glasses - now you can enjoy the homely feel of wood in your bathroom or spa area! Cutting-edge Spanish wood processing company Kuups have made it possible to use wood in high-humidity parts of your home. Let’s face it, few materials give you the close, organic relationship to your surroundings that wood can. Wood symbolizes warmth, comfort, nobility and history, and using it in your interior design gives a sense of style mixed with earthy tradition.


Mosaic Wooden Tiles With Water
Mosaic Wooden Tiles With With Bath


Kuups is the first company to incorporate all the values associated with wood to environments in which it has been considered unwise to use such a porous material – until now. The “H2O Ecowood” is made with specially processed phenol resins and cellulose fibers and comes in a variety of designs available in six different types of wood. If you are a connoisseur of style and advanced luxury, able to appreciate the aesthetic and sensory pleasure that wood can bring to your most intimate home spaces, you will adore this exclusive product.

Something fishy going on in the bathroom  E-mail

Have you ever wanted to surprise your guests with a unique bathroom feature? Are you sick of all the usual modern features and want something unusual? Make your toilet the centre of attention in your bathroom with an aquarium toilet tank!

Fish n Flush
The Fish 'n Flush by Californian company AquaOne is the ultimate bathroom accessory

The Fish ‘n ‘Flush is an exciting new product from Californian company AquaOne that will definitely give your guests something to talk about. The clear aquarium tank is designed to wrap around the water management system to cleverly hide the operating parts with your new fishy friends. The aquarium is independent of the toilet water and flush features.

For fish fanatics this is the ultimate bathroom accessory as the 2.2 gallon aquarium can hold fresh or salt water depending on your requirements. The aquarium tank and water management tank are made from acrylic, a durable product that is stronger than your average porcelain toilet.


Fish n Flush


The fantastic bathroom idea can be purchased for $299 from AquaOne in a kit that includes everything you need to start your aquarium – except for the fish!



Sensuous Steam Showers  E-mail


Water is an element that can be harnessed to rejuvenate, relax and cleanse the body. Hydrotherapy including steam bathing is now available to the average householder. Steam showers are the latest way to turn your home bathroom into a spa get-away without compromising space or style.




LineaAqua’s Apollo Steam Shower is a spa get-away in your own bathroom.

This modern and multi-functional steam shower from LineaAqua will bring fantastic style to your bathroom without sacrificing important bathroom space. The tinted tempered safety glass walls of the unit shimmer in an aqua blue color, complimented by the warm brown teak wooden floor.

The steam sauna feature of the Apollo is the ultimate way to relax and promote health benefits. The high temperature steam will increase circulation of blood, de-stress the body and help to relieve pain from such ailments as rheumatic arthritis, back pain and respiratory diseases such as asthma. A temperature control remote, bench, back rest and mood lighting will make your sauna even more stress free.

The Apollo features six body sprays, strategically placed to pinpoint relaxation points on the line of the body. The sprays are adjustable for your hydro-massage comfort. A sunflower shower head is positioned above for an amazing drenching experience.


LineaAqua’s Apollo has more features than you can poke a stick at.

If you are looking for some really unique features for your steam shower, LineaAqua offers fantastic options. Do you like to sing in the shower? Why not turn on the built-in radio and sing into your hand-held microphone/hand shower? Or do you like to exfoliate your feet? Turn on the LineaAqua foot scrub system and excite your senses with a great clean.

Turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation room with a steam shower - the next generation of home showers. For more information and great ideas on steam showers, take a look at "Relaxing Steam Showers".

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