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8 Stylish Wall Mounted Toilet Roll Holders
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Toilet roll holders for the bathroom may not seem like a big decision to make but there are many to choose from. Any home handyman who's worth his salt can install these in under 10 minutes. Wall mounted holders seem to be the most popular option - here's 10 stylish bog roll holders that will add a touch of class to any modern toilet.

Uno holder

Created by Uno. This chrome polished toilet roll holder has a sleek little cover as an added feature. Priced at £78.48.

Linsol holder
This holder is about sleek and minimal as they come. Created by Linsol and priced at AUD$49.00.

Axor holder

Created by Hansgrohe Axor. This wall mounted holder has been inspired by nature with its tree branch design. You can also purchase matching toilet brush and holder. It has a polished chrome finish and priced at £107.22.

Living house holder

Italian designed wall mounted toilet roll holder was originally marketed as a towel holder. But with the flat-ness of the base curve has now been sold as a toilet roll holder. Supplied by Living House it retails at £58.00.

Mark Zito

Designed by Mark Zito for Agape Design. This unique wall mounted toilet roll holder also has a place for your spare rolls. Unfortunately the price is only available on request.

Imperial bathrooms

Designed by Imperial bathrooms. This wall mounted toilet roll holder is available in Chrome or Antique Gold. Priced at £60.00.

Roper Rhodes

Designed by Roper Rhodes. Finished with a polished chrome and has a concealed plating system. Priced from £27.54.

flat design

Designed by Bathroom and Bedrooms. A simple wall mounted design with a flat curve that would be great for a contemporary bathroom. It is very affordable with a price of AUD$12.00.

Wall Mounted Toilet Roll Holder Suppliers

Boundary Bathrooms (UK)

I Offer (US)

Bathroom and Bedrooms (UK)

GW Supplies (UK)

Hands on Tapware (AUS)

Aqua Brand (US)

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