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4 Novelty Toilet Roll Holders

Novelty toilet roll holders don't always aim to be stylish, but they are good laugh and can be a great addition to a children's bathroom. The ipod toilet roll holder is another example of a concept we think may have been taken just a little too far.... I mean, who really spends that much time on the throne?  If you know of any more novelty toilet roll holders, please send them in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

duck holder

This toilet roll holder makes the duck waddle across the paper when it turns. Price £ 8.99.

holder men

These are a very cool! Designed by Guido Venturini and are made from plastic. Colours available are blue, green and yellow. They can be self-installed and retail at £30.00.

talking toilet roll holder

Talking toilet roll holder automatically plays a message when it is turned. The message is recorded by you and can be re-recorded as many times as you like. Priced from $14.98.

ipod holder

This toilet roll holder is the ultimate ipod accessory. Manufactured by Atech Flash Technology. It is named the iCarta was created to “enhance your experience in the smallest room of the house.” Priced at £50, it is a docking station for your ipod and has speakers built-in. It also recharges your ipod on the dock, just in case you will be a while…….

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