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Warming Drawers: Keep your meals warm in the most convenient way

Warming drawers are small kitchen appliances designed to keep foods warm. They are the perfect solution when it comes to providing hot and fresh meals at any time of the day. With such a kitchen appliance, you will not have to worry about reheating or cooling your meals. Also, a warming drawer saves more energy when compared to a microwave oven. All you will have to do is to put the meal you are planning to eat later in a warming drawer in order to keep it at an optimum temperature. Your meal will stay fresh and hot. Warming drawers are designed to use a minimal amount of electricity in order to do their job. Their heat elements will not stay on all the time – instead, they will be used only as needed in order to save energy.

     Warming Drawer by Miele

Usually, foods required to be kept above 140 degrees in order to avoid being spoiled. Most of these warming drawers can be plugged into already available outlets. Also, they come in a wide range of colors and styles in order to match any kitchen décor. Their controls are installed right inside the door – this way, they look like any other type of kitchen cabinet drawer. For instance, you can go for a stainless steel warming drawer installed right under your steel range – this way, you will get a modern look for your kitchen space and find it easier to clean them both. 

   Warming Drawer by Wolf

Also, you can install your warming drawer anywhere in the kitchen but the most common location for it is right under the stove because here it tends to feel and look more natural and requires less space too. Also, this location is more convenient too as it is more energy efficient to take your dishes from the stove and have them put right into the warming drawer – this way, your meals will not have enough time to cool off while you are moving them. When looking for a warming drawer, make sure you go for one that has moisture controls built in.

Keep in mind that foods that are kept in a moist setting tend to retain the same cooked textures and taste you prefer to have for your meals. For instance, a crisp or dry setting is going to be the best one for fried foods and baked goods such as fish sticks and potatoes. In time, you will discover all the settings that work best for your foods. Also, the temperature ranges are likely to vary and you will have to consider the temperature range of the warming drawer you are planning to buy. For maximum efficiency and food safety, you should preheat your warming drawer before placing any foods into it.

    Warming Drawer by Gaggenau

For instance, the more your food cools while waiting for the necessary warming up, the more risk of your food cooling and reaching a point where bacteria is more likely to grow. So, you will have to preheat your warming drawer – usually, most models need 20 to 40 minutes to heat. Also, some warming drawers come with a convection fan designed to preheat them more quickly and you may want to look for these models.

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