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How to free up your kitchen space

Being the heart of every home, the kitchen space needs to be carefully planned upon. The right kitchen storage solutions can make the difference when it comes to freeing up this space and make room for cooking, eating and entertaining. So, you will have to choose the right mixture of open plan shelves and units in order to create a kitchen space that will hit the right balance between attractiveness and practicality. For instance, hiding the bulkier items right behind some closed units and displaying a pretty crockery and glassware on quality open shelves may be the right choice for your kitchen. Here are some tips for you to follow in order to free up your kitchen space and store all the necessary items in order not to stay in your way when cooking or having your meals.




If your kitchen space is too tight for having a kitchen island unit, you may go for mobile storage. For instance, a quality butcher’s trolley on wheels will make the difference for your space because this storage appliance can be moved from one position to another and pushed right against the wall as soon as you feel that you don’t need it anymore. Just make sure that you choose a butcher’s trolley that has a height you find it comfortable to work with. Some designs will also come with extra shelves or cupboards underneath and you will find this feature to be extremely handy for managing to store all your pans.      

Other thing you may try and do is to create a very compact dresser. All you will have to do is to add 4 or 5 tiers of shelving right above the base unit. These tiers of shelving will provide you with extra free space in order to keep your essential ingredients right to hand or display your favorite crockery as well. But if you want to display your plates, you will have to cut grooves along the shelves in order to hold the plates in a safe way.




An essentials kitchen cupboard will make a difference as well. For instance, this cupboard can be used in order to store your cleaning essentials and have them kept away from your crockery and food. All you will need is a small cupboard that can be used in order to keep your cleaning kit together. Just fit some extra hooks right behind the door of the essentials cupboard in order to hang up all your cleaning cloths and brushes.

Next, you may try and hang a space rack. You may try and tidy up all the empty packets in the kitchen cupboards thus avoiding cluttering up the necessary work surface. For instance, the condiments can be stored on a wall rack. You may also go for a traditional storage cabinet that comes with beautifully finished features in order to maintain the freshness of the whole kitchen space.




Other tip you can use when planning to store your kitchen items is to install floor to your ceiling shelves in order to match your existing kitchen cabinets thus expanding your storage options. Another idea you can use is to have a rectangular box shelf mounted on your kitchen wall. Keep in mind that making use of every corner space of your kitchen is a wise idea and you can do this by using  a wide range of stylish metal or wooden displays. For instance, a wrought iron rack will provide your kitchen with extra free space while adding a genuine touch of style and elegance.

You may also consider having some sectioned storage shelves that come with wicker baskets that can hide every kitchen item that is not so frequently used. Such units are already available in a wide range of color options and designs. The stackable storage units are to be considered as well because such units are manufactured with doors or open shelves in order to resemble pieces of fine furniture instead of looking like an ordinary storage item. You can install such items by placing them side by side and have them stacked right on top of each other. A utility cart may a wise decision as well because such an item comes with open shelves or it can be fully enclosed with easy to maneuver doors. Such wheeled carts are easy to maintain and move to any location in your kitchen. You may use a kitchen hutch in order to display all your attractive pieces or tuck other kitchen items away.          

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