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Tips on efficient kitchen storage

Sometimes, you can find kitchen storage to be really tough especially if your kitchen space is a smaller one. Your kitchen may become a gathering space and you will find it hard to work in. Once it becomes cluttered, this space will be hard to enjoy. So, start by looking around your kitchen space. If you notice any free spaces about your kitchen cabinets, you should have some baskets there in order to fill them with all the things you don’t need on a daily basis. If this space already has cabinets installed, you should look right inside them in order to see whether the space is used in an efficient way.

Once you notice that you have an empty wall space, you should try and hung a cabinet there. You will not have to worry about its design because you can go for a kitchen cabinet that may not match the rest of your kitchen design. Just think about using this extra cabinet as a sort of accent piece that will make your kitchen space wider. Also, if you have enough space in the kitchen, you may go for an extra island.




You may chose from a wide range of sizes and designs in order to provide additional storage space. Such islands will not have to be attached to your kitchen floor. Instead, they can be regarded as an additional piece of kitchen furniture. You can choose a kitchen island that matches your personality and style. For instance, you can make your kitchen island look like a real wine rack or you can have a really contemporary design by adding extra kitchen tools in vibrant colors. Here are some of the typical ways you can use in order to create extra storage space in your kitchen.




Storage cabinets, shelving and racks can make the difference for your kitchen storage. You can use them in order to store all your appliances, utensils and cooking tools. A kitchen cabinet is essential for getting all the space you need for the tools you plan to use in your kitchen. A kitchen cabinet may be especially designed in order to come with compartments for your eating utensils. The main advantage of a kitchen cabinet is the fact that its door will keep all the things out of sight thus making your kitchen look tidier and larger.




The use of quality racks and shelves is a wise idea too because you can store a wide range of kitchen items that you want to keep on hand. For instance, the pots and pans you use on a daily basis can be stored on the racks in order to get extra ease of use. Even the stirring tools can be stored in such kitchen cabinets. You may also use a rack in the most used area of your kitchen in order to keep your kitchen space tidier.

Functional arrangement is paramount when it comes to the best and wisest storage ideas. Actually, the right placement of all the kitchen accessories that you use for making sauces, grilling or baking may be placed together in their own particular area. For instance, the baking items can be stored together in a kitchen cabinet while the condiments and sauces can be placed right on another shelf in order to make use of all these in a convenient way. Keep in mind that the items you don’t use in a frequent way will have to be stored in some side kitchen cabinets while the ones you use on a daily basis should be placed in front cabinets. 

All the unnecessary items should be thrown away in order to free up your kitchen space. When it comes to your kitchen storage, you should try your best and eliminate as much clutter as you can. For instance, you should get rid of knives that don’t have handles anymore and can openers that don’t function. Remember that such unnecessary items will end up taking up your kitchen space and you will not find any free space for your necessary kitchen items. Another thing you should do is to try and not put these things way hoping that you will have the time to have them fixed.




Remember that most of your useless kitchen items aren’t so expensive to replace. For instance, a damaged knife may become a danger when you try to use it. Keep in mind that cutting food and especially meat will require a knife that is in a very good shape. Remember that all the tools you plan to use in your kitchen must be kept in a perfect shape especially if they have a very special purpose. Get rid of all the cans of things and expired bottles, especially if you are not planning to use them any time sooner.

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