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Small Kitchen Storage

So you've got big ideas for your kitchen. The only problem is, you've got a tiny amount of space to store things. Never fear - these days there is an abundance of products and ideas out there for food lovers with small kitchens. In this article we deal with some of the best ideas around for small kitchen storage.

Use That Kitchen Wall


Effective use of wall space is one of the best ways to maximise storage in your kitchen. Using empty wall space will free up your bench space for working. For instance, wall rail systems are a great way to maximise your space. You simply use hooks to hang pots, pans  and other objects along the wall and out of the way. This also places utensils within easy reach when you're working. A magnetic knife rack is another great way to save on space.

Try a Pull-Out Table


A pull-out table usually consists of a narrow-but-sturdy board, which is attached to rollers and pushed inside the top of a cabinet, much like a drawer. When extra space is needed for food preparation, simply pull this table out and use it as needed. Then, when it's done, you can simply push it back in and keep it out of the way.

Tricks With Appliances

Your microwave doesn't need to sit on your benchtop. Instead, consider storing it at about head height in a specially built space that forms part of your wall cabinetry. This frees up bench space and also makes the microwave easy to use. Alternatively, if you've got a bit of room above your fridge, why not store the microwave there?

Ovens are another tricky proposition - but there are narrow ovens designed specifically for small spaces. There are also dishwashers that have been specifically designed with small spaces in mind, typically about half the width of a normal dishwasher. There are even appliances that can act as both a microwave and an oven - an expensive but innovative solution to space in a small kitchen.

Open Up Your Shelf Space


By using glass doors or even storing objects on open shelves, you can create a feeling of openness in your kitchen and give an illusion of space. But if your heart is set on having cabinets, there are still plenty of things you can do. Try using roller doors or slider doors instead of doors on hinges - these are more suited to the needs of a small kitchen. Using a light-coloured paint or finishes on your cabinets will make the room appear bigger. Small handles and other fittings will also prevent the cabinetry from becoming overbearing.

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