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How Can I Reface My Kitchen Cabinets?

Re-facing kitchen cabinets is to be regarded as the by-word now, especially when it comes to modern kitchen designs. Many manufacturers are supplying quality cabinet finishing materials that are designed to be peeled and pressed right on the already existing exterior surfaces. When using such finishing materials, no additional work is going to be involved. Also, such peel and stick formulations are designed to last for good years. They can be replaced once again when you plan to have a new peel in order to stick new veneer formulations. Re-facing your kitchen cabinets is to be regarded as a cost-effective and wise option especially if you are on a very tight budget.

  Kitchen Cabinets by Bontempi

While having your kitchen cabinets re-faced, you will have to exercise great care in order to make sure that the hinges and knobs are kept in a perfect working order. Also, they can be replaced as well and you can easily go for some new and stylish hinges and handles in order to make your kitchen cabinets look as good as new. When planning to re-face your kitchen cabinets, you will have to start by evaluating their present condition. So, you will have to inspect each of your cabinet boxes in order to make sure that each of them is structurally sound. Make sure that you check all the joints for tightness; the drawer slides are to be checked as well in order to make sure they close completely and operate smoothly. Next, you will have to check the underneath surfaces in order to notice whether there is any water damage due to possible leaks in the drainage and plumbing systems.

   Kitchen Cabinets by Nolte Kitchens

The kitchen cabinet doors are to be checked next in order to notice any type of damage. Once you discover any damage/problems, you will have to address them first before starting to re-face your kitchen cabinet. Once everything is inspected and repaired if necessary, you will have to remove all the kitchen cabinet doors, drawer pulls, cabinet pulls and old hinges included. Start by cleaning all the kitchen cabinet doors, cabinet boxes and drawer fronts; use a heavy duty and quality cleaner in order to have any dirt and grease residues removed. Next, you will have to lightly sand each of these items – use fine grit sandpaper in order to rough up the surface and prepare it for the new finish.

   Kitchen Cabinets by MK Cucine

Make sure that you prime all the surfaces; allow each of them to dry by paying attention to the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Then, apply the first coat of finish paint and make sure that it dries. Next, you will have to apply the second coat of finish paint in order to get a quality finished product. Make sure that you allow an ample drying time. Next, you will have to reinstall the hardware, drawers and cabinet doors and start enjoying your new and fresh looking kitchen cabinets.   

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