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Baker’s racks for a freer kitchen space

Kitchen storage is among the constant considerations every home owner must focus his attention on, especially if he really loves to cook at home. Your bowls and utensils will need to be stored. Even the food itself must be stored – just think about some bulky items such as cakes, pies or fresh breads that need to be stored as well.This is the moment when baker’s racks should come into play. You should consider these handy items that may come in a wide range of mobility, shapes and sizes.




For instance, the typical baker’s rakes are likely to be made of quality stainless steel. However, you can also go for aluminum or standard steel – baker’s rakes made of these materials are available as well. Such storage appliances have a beautiful design as well and they complement your kitchen overall theme in a successful way. Usually, baker’s racks come with aesthetically oriented concepts and flair in order to make each model stand out from the crowd and blend with every single color pattern that can be found in your kitchen space.




However, the real reason why you should purchase these items is for their function. A baker’s rack is a highly functional device that will allow you to free up your kitchen space and allow extra and easy storage of all your baked goods. This kitchen storage appliance is one of the best things you can use in order to keep your kitchen in a very good order due to its stylish, economical and easy to use features. A baker’s rack would be a perfect enhancement to your kitchen, whether you choose it for commercial or residential use. This decorative item will add efficiency and convenience as well as an extra touch of genuine charm to your kitchen space.

You may go for a baker’s rack with cutting boards or a built-in wine rack. Or you can stick to more simplistic models that you will find perfect and easy to use on a daily basis. For most home owners, the kitchen counter top has become a sort of catch-all place in addition to other kitchen places that are used for storing some small kitchen appliances, thus leaving very little work space or room for other kitchen appliances. So, a baker’s rack would be the perfect item that can provide an extra free space on your kitchen counter top which will mean that you will get a more organized kitchen space and you will be provided with a better working space as well.



Because there are so many types of baker’s racks available on the current market, you will come across a large number of option regardless of your kitchen decor or style. For instance, if your kitchen space is Mediterranean, country or contemporary, a baker’s racks would look great in it while being functional as well. Here are some of the main styles you should consider when looking for the perfect baker’s rack for your kitchen.

If you are looking for  an elegant storage item, you should go for a brushed bronze finish mixed with marble accents or a platinum look that will add extra elegance and a touch of class to your kitchen space. Such a baker’s rack design is graceful and offers a quite dazzling effect. For instance, one marble shelf would be perfect for a highly attractive kitchen storage and you can also use it as a helpful display shelf.



Shabby chic style can also look great in your kitchen – you can go for a distressed or rubbed colored wood or a wood shelf. Such a design is simple, has a really clean cut and will blend in perfectly. The Mediterranean baker’s racks can be considered as well due to their decorative legs and soft curves that are a perfect choice for both a formal and informal kitchen. In the case of a Mediterranean baker’s rack, the sophistication of its features is subtle enough while its detailing is inviting and warm.

Country style comes with a wonderful eclectic look that includes roosters, fruits or teapots. The country themed baker’s racks have multiple shelves that guarantee an increased versatility and include a hand painted motif.

Formal style includes a special built-in wine rack and features made of wrought iron. This style could be the perfect match both for a contemporary and a formal kitchen.

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