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Updating Your Bathroom Shower Fixtures

Basic Showerhead

Question: I’m looking to give my bathroom shower a bit of a makeover, but don’t want to go to the expense of replacing the whole thing. How can I update my shower with minimal effort or expense?

Answer: One simple way to update your bathroom with minimal fuss is by replacing the fixtures, such as showerhead, taps and accessories. While the fixtures you can use will be limited by the existing style of your bathroom, there are a range of designs and materials that can add new life to your shower space.

Your shower is your haven – the place where you can find retreat to relax and wash your worries away. So, it’s important that the design of your shower fits your tastes and allows you to feel rejuvenated.

Bathroom Fixtures: Then and Now

Modern and contemporary designs can give your bathroom décor added flair, while classic or vintage fixtures will offer a more traditional touch to your shower. Another thing to consider when choosing the design of your fixtures is the type of finish you want to use – your taps are no longer limited to old-fashioned porcelain decorated with floral motifs! If you’re after an are of antiquity, consider bronze, copper, brass or gold. If it’s modern style you’re looking for, chrome or brushed nickel finishes offer a more cutting edge appeal.


Vintage Gold 4-way
Classic gold complements this vintage four-way shower and bath fixture by Cifial (US). The simple porcelain labels on the taps add a touch of traditional style.
Rain Showerhead
Price Pfister
(US) shows how weathered bronze works well with a traditional "rain shower" fixture style.
Modern Chrome Showerhead
For a modern touch, Cifial (US) uses a chrome finish on this traditional showerhead fixture with a simple one-handled tap feature.
Panel Shower fixture
For the ultimate in modern shower style, TEDA (Italy) incorporates color and chrome into this one-of-a-kind shower fixture panel, as a part of its "Why Only White?" (WOW) collection.


Bathroom Fixtures: Mobility and Functionality

Another thing to consider when deciding what fixtures to use when updating your shower is whether you want added functionality. Modern developments in bathroom technology have brought showerheads with mobility, massaging features and even pressure or temperature control. While these can be a little more expensive, they can dramatically increase the value in your home and the quality of your showering experience.


Handheld Showerhead
For added mobility in the bathroom, a handhelp showerhead might be for you. This one by Kohler (US) also has multiple pressure and spray options for added massaging options.
Thermostatic Shower
This thermostatic showerhead by Bristan (UK) offers temperature control, which means your shower will no longer be interrupted by a dishwasher or flushing toilet. The temperature can be pre-set for the safety of little ones, or left to be adjusted for each individual’s personal tastes. This complete shower package in a chrome finish also comes with a soap or shampoo holder and a hand-held showerhead piece.


So when choosing your bathroom shower fixtures, it’s important to get the right combination of style and functionality to suit your budget and lifestyle. Also, remember that this is an investment in your home, so be sure to shop around and stick with quality fixtures that you know will not need replacing too quickly.

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