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Bathroom Shower Stall Basics

 Basic Shower Stall

Question: I have a very old-style bathroom that I would like to update and am considering installing a shower stall. What are my options?

Answer: Many remodelers are opting for shower stalls to add style and convenience to an existing bathroom. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you might like to go for a shower-tub combination, or just a stand-alone shower enclosure in addition to your bath. Adding a shower to your bathroom will not only improve functionality, it will also add significant value to your home.

Shower stalls (also known as shower enclosures) can come in pre-made kits, or you can have them custom fit to your bathroom. There is also a range of materials, styles and colors on the market – just check out your local home depot or go online to get you started with ideas. Until then, here are the basics on what you need to consider when selecting your shower stall.

Shower Stall Designs

There are a range of styles, shapes and designs of shower stall on the market for you to choose from. You could choose a shower to fit into the corner of your bathroom (a very helpful option if you have limited space) or place it along one wall. Before you go searching, consider the layout of your bathroom and take accurate measurements of walls to help you choose the best design and space for your shower stall.

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Again, the type of door for your shower stall will depend on the amount of space you have available and the look you are going for. Sliding glass doors are the most common style because they can be used in a small space. Accordion style doors, which fold in on each other (like an accordion, funnily enough!), are another option. If you have more space in your bathroom you may like to choose a folding door, which can look very elegant. If you decide on this option, you need to ensure there is enough room for the door to open outwards without any obstruction – and look out for dripping! A fabric curtain (with a plastic lining) is an inexpensive choice and a great way to add a splash of color to your décor. You could match the colors of your curtain with your floor or wall tiles and towels.


Modern shower stalls are all made from durable materials that can still be pleasing to the eye. These include fiberglass, acrylic or treated and strengthened glass. Also, with modern glazing techniques, you can choose from clear glass for a modern look that will allow for maximum light penetration (helpful to give the illusion of space if your bathroom is small) or choose from colored, molded or etched glass finishes. For more information, have a look at these Tips For Choosing Your Bathroom Shower Glass.


You can also add style and individual flare to your shower stall by the type of fixtures you choose. You can experiment with your showerheads, taps and soap dispensers. They all come in multiple designs and materials like brass, stainless steel, porcelain or chrome. If details on bathroom fixtures is what you're after, check out our tips on Updating Your Bathroom Shower Fixtures.

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