Bathroom Shower Enclosure Ideas


The shower is one of the first things you notice when you walk into any bathroom, so why not make sure you have the perfect shower enclosure to add elegance and style to your bathroom? Practical and stylish, a shower enclosure can be used to create privacy, tranquillity or simply to help keep water off the rest of the bathroom floor.

Shower enclosures have come a long way since curtains or green-tinted sliding doors, with a wide range of sizes and designs now available to suit any bathroom style. When choosing the best enclosure for your shower, you need to consider how much space you have available and which design will best suit your particular bathroom. Here are some of the most popular bathroom shower enclosures on the market:

Quadrant enclosures
These shower units fit perfectly into the corner of the bathroom, with curved glass joining the two walls. You can choose a standard quadrant enclosure, or an offset quadrant where one side of the enclosure is wider or longer than the other, covering more space on the wall.

Offset quadrant
This offset quadrant enclosure by Milano (UK) comes with a synthetic base and pivot door. It also shows how stainless steel or other polished metal frames can be used to add sleek style and sophistication to a bathroom.

Walk-in enclosures
For the ultimate modern showering experience, you might want to go for a walk-in shower. Walk-in enclosures have no moving parts and no door, creating the illusion of more space for even the smallest shower. For this reason you could consider an enclosure that comes with an attached dry area, or risk excess water splashing onto the bathroom floor. Walk-in showers can be installed as a complete enclosure or if you have more space, you can have your shower fitted between two walls.

Walk-in Shower
This sleek walk-in enclosure by Aqualux (UK) has a built-in bamboo dry area and steel rod on top for hanging towels. This shower is also demonstrates how frameless glass panels can add extra modern style to your bathroom, and is also easier to clean.

Shower Door Options

Pivot doors
Best suited to larger bathrooms, these enclosures have doors that pivot outwards. Some enclosures come with a drip tray to collect the water that might drip onto the floor getting out off the shower.

Pivot Door Enclosure
Here, Aqualux (UK) uses a pivot door on this cornered cubicle shower enclosure. The chrome metal framing also adds a modern edge to the bathroom's style.

Sliding doors
More traditional of all the bathroom enclosures, sliding doors are often used when replacing a bath with a long shower space. You can save a lot of space as they are compact and self-contained. The only downside of sliding doors is that grime and mildew can build up in the runners at the top and bottom of the doors. If not cleaned properly it can lead to extra wear and tear, meaning they will need to be replaced prematurely.

Sliding Door Shower
This shower by Twyford (UK) incorporates space set into the wall and enclosed by sliding doors, allowing the shower to fit seamlessly in the bathroom. The clear glass and metal frames give a contemporary edge to a traditional style.


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