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6 Inspiring Frameless Shower Designs


New innovations in frameless shower designs have seen a range of new designs enter the bathroom market. With frameless designs, you can make greater use of space with a sophisticated shower aesthetic. Frameless glass doors create a sense of space and allow your other bathroom features to breathe.... As you can see below, the end result usually looks stunning. These are some of the more interesting frameless shower designs you are likely to find.

Aqualux Pura Enclosure This Aqualux Pura Enclosure provides a stylish frameless shower screen for those who are lacking space in their bathrooms. Retails from UK$642.00

Majestic Shower Company
The Majestic Shower Company
have created a 3 sided frameless shower enclosure with larger bathroom spaces in mind. A wide shower base with a standard depth gives the impression of a spacious area (when it's really only a relatively small space). A frameless design like this means that you can get away with more luxurious shower heads which might otherwise look out of place. Price on application.








KoehlerBecause it's nearly invisible, this design by Koehler draws attention to the other features within your bathroom. An understated design feature is sometimes the best, especially when less equals more. This is one of our favourites and is reasonably priced at US$895.20 RRP.

Showers 4 UDepending on your bathroom's design, a semi-frameless shower screen is also worth considering. The semi-frame can be used to highlight other details of your shower such as the stainless steel hinges and showerhead. This shower screen can be ordered online by “Showers 4 U” and retails for about 399.00 GBP.








BMood Boundless Shower Need to make a bold statement in your bathroom? Check out this retro Italian ‘boundless’ shower, by Bmood, you will feel like you are encased in a capsule as you soap up in this trendy design. They are available in just about any colour you desire and are available in glass or perplex. Price on Application.









Sprinter S. Light shower enclosures One of the more eccentric designs we've found combines LED lights with glass; Sprinter S. Light shower enclosures can give any bathroom shower an uncanny glow! (We aren't really too sure what they lights are used for) As far as we can tell Sprinz only supply and fit in Germany. If you are interested in one of their LED designs you should contact them directly... and have your phrasebook handy!


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