Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Microwave Oven


Just like a traditional oven requires a maintenance routine in order to preserve its initial features and functionality, there are several steps to be taken in order to maintain your microwave oven in a perfect condition for a longer period of time. Once you follow these steps, you will make sure that your microwave oven is free of any potential hazards and clean. For starters, you will have to make sure that you keep your microwave oven clean in order to avoid any possible food contamination. As the microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that is exposed to foods that can discompose, you will have to clean its interior compartment on a regular basis in order to prevent bacteria from festering inside this appliance.

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Proper maintenance includes proper cleaning, servicing and repairing in order to avoid any improper functioning in your microwave oven. Keep in mind that your microwave oven is to be regarded as a complicated kitchen machine that requires a qualified technician who can set each of its features right. So, if you notice any problem in the way your microwave oven functions, you should hire professional help and do not open up your microwave oven as you can exposed yourself to a possible electric shock. Next, you will have to make sure that you don’t unplug your microwave oven when your hands are wet.

Plus, you must not run your microwave oven when it is empty even if you want to check whether your appliance works properly or not. Make sure that your microwave oven does not have any broken door as this could lead to leakage of all the microwaves outside. The interior compartment of your microwave oven will end up with food particles spluttered all over on its wall and even if your foods are covered, some odors and moisture will still linger outside. So, you should clean the interior compartment of your microwave oven at least once a day – do this by using a wet cloth. Also, you may need a heavy duty cleaner designed for ovens in order to clean any stubborn spot.

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The exterior surface of the microwave oven does not require daily cleaning especially if you keep your microwave oven in a relatively dust free kitchen area. However, weekly cleaning can make your oven look sparkling and keep this appearance for years. The panel located at the back of your microwave oven comes with holes that are designed to let out all the hot air. Make sure that these holes don’t get too grimy as they can get blocked and useless when it comes to letting out the hot air. Also, you must keep your kitchen space free of cockroaches because they can enter your microwave oven through these holes and even eat all the wiring inside. The door area must be cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent food from building up and preventing the oven door from closing.

Also, voltage fluctuations are to be blamed for damaging the circuits inside your microwave oven. So, you must keep this appliance attached to a quality surge processor in order to ensure protection against possible damage that can be caused by pikes in the voltage. Any microwave oven must be used carefully and this is actually the biggest maintaining tip. So, you must make sure that each bowl you place inside your microwave oven is fully covered. If any spill occurs, wipe it immediately and never keep your foods directly on the oven’s turntable surface – instead, place your foods on a plate or paper towel. Always look out for any rusting metal inside your microwave oven as such a metal element must be repaired immediately.

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