How Do I Clean My Microwave Oven?


Microwave ovens have already become a key and integral part of every modern household and hence need great care and cleanliness in order to preserve its original features and functionality. For instance, if you have a microwave oven in your kitchen space, you must not use wax paper or paper coverings in the wrong spots. Also, you have to clean any spill and have the interior compartment of your microwave oven washed with water and soap. After this, you will have to wipe clean and dry your microwave oven by using a soft cotton cloth.

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The door edges must be shut tightly and when you cook your foods and want to avoid any unpleasant odors, you should use lime extract or baking soda when you clean your microwave oven. Make sure that you use only utensils that are microwave safe. For instance, you must not use plastics and make sure that you exercise great care when using glass materials. For instance, you should monitor your microwave oven when you are cooking in order to avoid any possible breakout of fire.

When planning to can or deep fry foods, you should use other sources as a microwave oven has not been designed for serving such a purpose. Keep in mind that overall, cooking through using your microwave oven is safe and effective and when you use this appliance in the proper way, you will avoid any hazardous situation. When looking for a microwave oven for your kitchen, you should better purchase the trusted models and brands and check out the user’s manual that comes with such a microwave oven. Make sure that you consult this manual prior to operating you’re your microwave oven in order to find out more about all the necessary cleaning tips.

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Damage to your microwave oven can occur mainly due to a wide range of reasons. For instance, remarkable voltage increase may cause further damage due to all the metallic elements that are usually employed for designing this kitchen appliance. Remember that unplugging the power cord must be the initial step when initiating the cleaning process. Next, you will have to remove the moving parts in order to have them cleaned and wiped by using a soft cloth. Make sure that you check the right and initial position of every part before operation.

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Cleaning any messes immediately after they are made is paramount in order to avoid any dirt buildup that can damage your microwave oven functions. Do not wait until these messes have hardened to clean them. All you will have to do is to use a damp sponge or cloth in order to wipe away any spill. Make sure that there are no spills, debris or dirt clinging to the oven corners. Also, do not forget to give a good cleaning and scrubbing to the carousel as well.

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