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Convection Ovens: Improving Your Cooking Experience

Nowadays, convection ovens are well known for their increased ability to provide cooked foods with great texture and intense flavors. They are also known for their reduced cooking time. A convection oven operates by forcing the air inside to circulate the cooking heat and reach the whole cooking area. This feature ensures the removal of cold or hot spots on your cooked food.


  • Convection ovens are designed to have three main cooking elements: one installed right on top, other installed on bottom and the third one installed right in the rear of the whole cooking space. These efficient heating elements will make sure that your food is cooked evenly regardless of where it is placed inside a cooking chamber. A convection oven can also hold more foods at one time because the circulated heat comes from numerous elements thus allowing you to cook your food without having to worry about burning it.

  • Another important advantage brought by a convection oven is its reduced cooking temperature. For instance, a convection oven will typically cook your food at a temperature reduced with almost 30 degrees (when you compare this cooking temperature to other conventional ovens). Your food will also cook about 30% faster in a convection oven. So, these two important reductions will provide you with a huge energy saving and you will be saving money on your future electricity bills too.



  • Increased heating effect is among the biggest advantages brought by a convection oven – a fan is installed right in the convection oven in order to constantly circulate all the hot air needed in the baking area. An even spreading of cooking heat is another thing you should consider when wondering whether a convection oven is the right kitchen appliance for you or not. A convection oven is designed to facilitate an even heating of the food. For instance, in the case of the conventional devices, you will find it more difficult to evenly bake your cookies in 2 racks or batches at one time.


Single Wall Convection Oven, Supplier: Dacor
  • Invariably, the cookies placed right on the bottom rack are most likely to be overcooked while the ones placed on the upper rack are likely to be undercooked. Actually, the same is likely to happen with almost every item you place on the racks. A newer device such as a quality convection oven will address this issue in a successful manner. A good convection oven will eliminate all the existing cool and hot areas by managing to spread the heat more evenly. As a direct result of this feature, you will get an evenly cooked food irrespective of how you will place it in the cooking area.


Double Wall Convection Oven, Supplier: Dacor

  • You will not have to spend extra efforts or time in using such a convection oven. You will not have to change your recipes or mode of preparation because a convection oven will meet each of your needs. However, due to its significant decrease in the cooking time, you will have to make some simple adjustments regarding your future baking timings. You don’t have to worry because such changes are easy to make and implement in a successful way. For instance, a convection oven comes may come with a special book that teaches you how to make all the necessary adjustments.         


Even if a convection oven might be what you are looking for, you will have to take your time in order to get used to such a kitchen appliance. So, you will have to make sure that your first cooking experience with such an oven will be just an experiment. You need to take time in order to get used to the wide range of differences in a convection oven before you start cooking for your friends and family on a daily basis.         

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