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New Trends in Kitchen Sinks

Renovators have traditionally given their kitchen sink less thought than other aspects, such as benchtop materials and cabinets. But these days, with the focus on integrating kitchen solutions, more people are giving their sink serious consideration, especially in regards to overall design. In this article we examine some of the current trends in kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Sink Materials


Stainless steel still accounts for most of the kitchen sink market, but several other materials have gained popularity in recent years. Granite sinks such as those made by leading manufacturer Schock are touted as the most durable and versatile material on the market currently - in addition to being impervious to all household chemicals, the surface can also be used as a chopping board.

Kitchen Sink Shapes



Recent research suggests consumers are favouring soft, organic lines in their kitchen sinks, rather than square shapes with sharp corners. Renovators feel the curve is an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical and simple type of shape.  A large lip around the outside of the sink has also been popular recently.

Sink Size

With more and more people living in apartments and medium-density housing, it's no surprise that maximising space in the kitchen has become a priority for many people. And while big families will still opt for a wide sink, those in smaller spaces are turning to sinks that take up less room.

Under-mount Sinks



Many people these days have dishwashers, making large draining areas next to the sink less necessary than before. Also, many people have turned to water-resistant materials such as granite or even stainless steel for their benchtops. This, along with a general preference for cleaner lines, has made the under-mount sink an increasingly popular option. Under-mount sinks are attached below the surface level of the benches, meaning it's very easy to wipe debris into the sink for easy disposal. The loss of the drainer is particularly useful in small apartments with a dishwasher, as it leaves more room for bench space.

Kitchen Islands

For some people, space isn't at a premium, and in this case a kitchen island sink is a popular option. It's certainly a striking option - having a massive island bench with a sink built into the middle of it will surely make you the envy of your houseproud friends, if you are that way inclined. Island sinks are much trickier to drain than sinks placed next to outside walls, so it won't be cheap - but if you're already considering an island, chances are you're prepared to spend a bit of money to get it right. 

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