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The latest trends in kitchen sink materials and designs

The current range of kitchen sink styles and materials is extremely wide on the market today. That’s the reason why you should try your best and educate yourself when it comes to all the facts related to choosing the right sink for your kitchen. Keep in mind that you must choose a sink that is right for your family, budget and kitchen space. The kitchen sink is likely to be the most used appliance in this space and a bad choice will become something you are very likely to regret for all the years to come.





Kitchen Sink, Supplier - Elkay


Here are the latest trends in kitchen sink materials.

  • The stainless steel remains the most popular sink materials due to its increased resistance and elegance – stainless steel sinks are also easy to install and clean and they come in a quite wide range of prices. On the downside is the fact that a stainless steel sink can scold, dent or scratch easily unless you learn how to take proper care of it. Once you decide that a stainless steel sink is what you are looking for, you should check its gauge – the lower the gauge, the thicker the stainless steel sink.


Stainless Sink, Supplier : Eclipse Stainless

  • The second most popular material is a special solid surface from which surface-mounted or under-mounted sinks are made of. Such solid surface materials come in a wide range of colors, styles and prices and you will be able to find the sink that can match your kitchen counter top. Even such a solid surface sink isn’t likely to be totally scratch-proof, you can expect it to resist many scratches. Other additional benefits will include its increased resistance to stains and heat.


Solid Surface Sink, Supplier: Samsung Staron

  • Porcelain is another material that is commonly used for the kitchen sinks. But a porcelain sink isn’t likely to be as stain resistant or durable as other materials used for kitchen sinks.                        
  • Acrylic is a material resistant to stain. It can be purchased with a sort of anti-bacterial coating that is usually built right into it in order to withstand heavier traffic. However, acrylic sinks come with a big negative aspect – they are not as resistant to intense heat as some other materials.


Acrylic Sink, Supplier - Silive
  • Enamel sinks are among the most cost effective options you have when looking for a kitchen sink. However, an enamel sink is less durable than other options you can consider when looking for the right kitchen sink. Also, it will need careful and regular maintenance in order to maintain all its original features.


Enamel Sink, Supplier - CaltoroDesign
  • Soapstone is another recent development when it comes to kitchen sink materials. This material is really easy to look after and it is also available in a wide range of colors and styles. Other interesting options for your kitchen sink would include fire clay, heavy granite and quarts resin composite materials. Each of these is likely to look quite exotic in your kitchen space. They are cost effective as well. Durable, yet lightweight, all these three types of materials are already available in various designs that can match your kitchen decor.


Soapstone Sink, Supplier - HartStoneworks

Regarding the most popular trends in kitchen sink designs – here there are in order for you to take a better look at them and decide which style is going to fit perfectly in your kitchen space.

The vessel sink or the basin sink is among the most popular sink styles in our contemporary kitchen designs. This type of kitchen sink was designed to be slightly recessed from the kitchen counter top and placed right above this counter top instead of being installed bellow this kitchen appliance. Due to this highly efficient recessed nature, the vessel kitchen sink will be largely visible thus becoming a genuine and major design statement. On the current market, there are plenty of vessel sink types manufactured from kitchen-friendly materials that include natural stone, metal, glass, wood and stainless steel. Since a vessel sink is raised right above the kitchen counter top, it would be really convenient for you to use it without having to bend over while you are working. So, you are very likely to find this easier for your posture and on your back. Keep in mind that the price you are going to pay for a vessel sink will highly depend on the material from which the sink is made of.


The farmhouse sink or the apron sink belongs to the contemporary trends as well. This sink was named so because of the fact that it is designed to imitate the deep look, rectangular and visible front that is quite common in rural or vintage houses. A farmhouse sink can be either placed right on the top of the kitchen counter top or it can be mounted. This basin-style sink will not come with a deck attached to its exterior in order for its accessories (including the faucets) to be installed right onto the kitchen counter top or even beside the basin. Usually, a farmhouse sink is made from white or enamel porcelain but it can also be manufactured from natural stone, fire clay, copper, stainless steel or wood.




Farmhouse Sink, Supplier : SinksGallery


Entertainment sinks or auxiliary sinks are used in order to provide extra additional workplace, thus making the difference when it comes to the kitchen work flow. If your kitchen is a rather crowded place, you can go for a trough sink, because a square sink or a conventional rectangular one cannot offer you the space you need.



Entertainment Sink, Supplier - Kohler


Trough sinks were developed mainly for accommodating three to four faucets and drains so that you can use this appliance if your kitchen is a really crowded and large space.




Trough Sink, Supplier - Kohler


New kitchen sink designs have already evolved in order to fit every house owner's needs. However, when looking for your perfect kitchen sink, you will have to choose it by paying attention to its functionality and your overall kitchen decor.              

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