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Kitchen Sink Mounting Choices

The way the you choose to mount your new kitchen sink will determine the type of basin you purchase. There are several options for mounting a kitchen sink, each with their own set of advantages or disadvantages. So whether you're looking for a solid budget model which does the job without fuss, or a more high-end model to suit your long-planned kitchen redesign, there'll be something out there on themarket to suit your kitchen sink mounting needs.



Self-Rimming Sink

A self-rimming, or top-mount, sink is set in a hole cut in the counter top, suspended by its rim, which forms a seal with the countertop. These are the easiest type of sink to install and are a good option for a no-fuss replacement or for the DIY handyman. Because the rim of the sink forms a seal with the counter, self-rimming sinks are not as difficult to waterproof as the other popular sink-mounting option, the under-mount sink.

Lighter self-rimming sinks are made from materials such as stainless steel and metal composites, and are held in the countertop using clips and screws. Heavy materials such as cast-iron are also used for self-rimming sinks - the weight of these materials tends to hold them in place naturally.

Under-Mount Sinks


These days people looking for a slick, modern feel in the kitchen tend to go for under-mount sinks.  Under-mount sinks are installed below the surface of the countertop, leaving some countertop material exposed at the top of the sink. This is advantageous in terms of cleaning - it's much easier to wipe grime and excess water into the sink when there's no rim to impede you. But it does mean that under-mount sinks require careful finishing and silicone-based sealants to ensure a waterproof seal between the countertop and the sink.

Under-mount kitchen sinks also take much longer to install than their self-rimming cousins - usually about twice the time. But if you're after a slick look around your sink, it may well be your best option.

Farm-Style Sink

A less popular choice than self-rimming and under-mount sinks, the farm-style sink has a finished front that is left exposed through the counter top when installed. The advantage of this is that you don't need to reach across the countertop to get to the sink, increasing ease of access. Unsurprisingly, this style of sink is most popular in country-style kitchens.

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