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4 Cool Concrete Kitchen Sinks

A new turn in materials for kitchen sinks is the concrete sink. Don’t imagine an old laundry cement wash tub the concrete based kitchen sinks are sleek and sexy and great for a modern look. Not only have they been popping up in the kitchen they also have been turning up in the bathroom too.
The best thing we have noticed about concrete sinks is that they can be more creative than a standard stainless steel sink.
Here are some great concrete based sinks we have found;


This Chef Sink from Sonomastone has a stainless steel embedded wear plate which also doubles as a drain plate and it has a sexy curved line to divide the tub to a twin tub sink.

tear shaped concrete kitchen sink

A tear shaped sink could be a good feature but if you create it with another tear next to it is becomes a twin sink in the design of the ying and yang motif. This sink doesn’t come as a complete product. It is a concrete sink mold. You purchase the mold and then cast the concrete around it, don’t worry there are instructions how to do this. The mold is priced at US$589.00 and is from Expressions LTD.

Concrete sink
This concrete farm style kitchen sink is handmade and sold through the Etsy website which supports all handmade and unique products. It is priced at US$350.00. The finish is smooth to the touch and has been treated with a non toxic sealer and buffed with wax for added protection. It can be order online via Etsy.

Mark Concrete products

Designed by Mark Concrete, this concrete based kitchen sink is a work of art. The polished stones and concrete are bounded together to create unique kitchen sinks and can be continued as a counter top as well. Prices are on application as each sink is custom made.

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