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Tips on Blending Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Rather than focusing only on the kitchen lighting equipment in order to blend it well with the rest of your kitchen decor, you should consider its functionality as well in order to have a more welcoming kitchen space that obviates the constant threat of accidents. Here are some tips for you to consider and make the most out of your kitchen lighting.

Kitchen Lighting by DNA

First, you will have to eliminate all the possible errors by studying your kitchen size. For instance, too little or too much lighting in your kitchen area is likely to cause an imbalance that will overpower all your individual areas thus creating unwanted shadows in the rest of your kitchen space. In order to avoid this, you will have to blend task lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting. A balanced blend of these types of kitchen lighting will provide you with the right kind of lighting in your kitchen space and prevent you from overdoing it. For instance, your kitchen space is not likely to need dazzling bulbs all above.

Kitchen lighting by Kohler

The key aspect is all about knowing how to blend all 3 types of kitchen lighting in all the strategic areas – this way, you will enhance the atmosphere and enrich the functionality of your kitchen. So, you will have to come up with a really balanced blend instead of going for a much more layered look. Task lighting is to be used in every operate area of your kitchen space. For instance, you should consider installing task lighting under your kitchen cabinets in order to get serious functionality for this place. Keep in mind that proper task lighting is going to prevent kitchen accidents from happening. Also, you should use task lighting for your kitchen counter tops and island tops.

Ambient lighting is to be used in order to create a more welcoming ambiance in your kitchen space. Also, this type of lighting has a functional purpose as it can aid in moving around your kitchen safely. However, you should keep in mind that this type of lighting is to be combined with other types of kitchen lighting in order to get the best results. Accent lighting is the most used type of lighting when it comes to giving emphasis to the architectural features and appearance of your kitchen space. Also, well chosen accent lighting imparts ideal depth and dimension to every kitchen space. For instance, you can have accent lighting installed inside or above your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen lighting by Flos

Track lighting should be considered as well, especially if your kitchen space is smaller. Installing dimmers can be taken into account if you want to adjust illumination according to the task you are performing. However, dimmers will not provide a sufficient amount of light and you should separate dimmers in order to make sure that they serve all these 3 purposes: accent lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting.        

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