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Make your kitchen space bigger with proper lighting

Every home owner should be perfectly aware that incorporating the right lighting into a kitchen design is paramount and he/she should think about this aspect right from the start in order to ensure a finished kitchen design that will have an immediate impact. Actually, it takes little effort and time in order to get the right lighting scheme that will worth your efforts in the long run.




The first thing you should consider when planning to choose the right lighting for your kitchen space is the actual size of your kitchen. But whatever you decide to do, you will have to make sure that you consult a professional, namely a skilled electrician in order to carry out all the necessary work. There are 3 types of lighting: general, task and accent lighting and you will have to make the best out of their use in order to make your kitchen look larger. Establishing sufficient lighting for your small kitchen is paramount in order to manage to brighten up this space and make it look even bigger. By using a wide range of types of lighting, you can observe the way each type of lighting can perform a different yet useful task that can help you enlighten your kitchen space as a beautiful whole.




Start by choosing general lighting – this should be your first step when it comes to enlightening your small kitchen space. For instance, when you prepare your meals, you will have to see everything as clear as possible in order to know exactly what you are doing. So, you will need to have enough light in all the correct places of your kitchen in order to be able to navigate your kitchen space. This will be the main task of your general kitchen lighting. For instance, you can go for a Kichler fixture or even a larger light that can provide you with all the general lighting you need. Some of your general lighting can come from skylight or a kitchen window too but you shouldn’t rely only on such natural lighting in order to get all the general lighting you need to have in your kitchen.  




Next, you should consider task lighting for your small kitchen. Task lighting can be really useful in the darker corners of your space. Task lighting can come in the form of a mounted fluorescent light that you may have installed right underneath your kitchen cabinet in order to provide you with all the lighting you need in order to perform your tasks and turn off the task light as soon as you finish them. One of the main advantages of such task lighting is the fact that it can be turned off as soon as you don’t need it anymore.



Accent lighting can also be used in order to make your kitchen space look bigger. Actually, choosing the right accent lighting should be your last step. Even if accent lighting may not be necessary in every kitchen space, it is a really wise idea for you to look into this possibility because accent lighting can be used in order to brighten up all the dark holes you may have in your small kitchen. Accent lighting can be used in order to illuminate your small kitchen by bouncing the necessary light off glass, shiny surfaces or ceilings. For instance, you can use a Kichler fixture rope in order to enlighten your kitchen space. Such a fixture can be placed right inside all your kitchen cabinets that have glass fronts in order to create a really warm glow within them and out their glass windows.   

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