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Kitchen Sink Lighting

Kitchen lighting is supposed to be all about multiple levels of lights serving a particular purpose. Once you know how to use various kitchen lighten fixtures in the right way, you will experience no headaches when it comes to working in your kitchen space. Task lighting is to be regarded as a real backbone of every kitchen lighting scheme because this type of lighting is especially designed to illuminate the particular areas where you cook and eat. For instance, task lighting is to be used for kitchen tables or islands. Also, task lighting is ideal for your kitchen sink area as you need light here in order to carry out all your activities. For instance, sink lighting can help you see whether your cleaning activities are well done or not.

   Sink lighting by ErnestoMeda

Fluorescent lighting is the most common choice when it comes to illuminating the kitchen sink area. Fluorescent lighting comes with energy efficient lights that can illuminate the whole sink area in an adequate way. If your kitchen space is larger, you should definitely go for a bolder look and have a pendant light fixture in order to illuminate your sink area. For instance, you can go for a contemporary mini-chandelier that can look decorative when placed right above your sink. When you are planning to redecorate/renovate your kitchen space, you should consider having various and multiple light sources installed right above the sink, especially if your kitchen sink is larger.

     Sink lighting by KWC

For instance, if you go for one kitchen lighting fixture installed directly above this space, each time you are planning to wash the dishes in the sink, you will see plenty of dark shadows. So, the best solution in this particular case is to have multiple light sources installed – make sure that they are installed at least 50 cm apart from each other especially if you have a sink that is 3 feet wide. Keep in mind that proper positioning is the key factor when looking for shadow free and balanced light for your kitchen sink area. You can choose track lighting or recessed lighting fixtures for your kitchen sink area. However, you may also choose to have a couple of decorative and stylish lights fixed above and around your sink.

  Sink lighting by GruppoNobili

Just make sure that you take all the necessary and appropriate precautions when having your recessed lighting installed with an insulated ceiling. You will have to measure the exact distance between the point where you want to have your lighting fixture installed and your kitchen sink. Based on this particular measurement, you will have to take a closer look at the available lighting options. For instance, if this distance is more, you will need more light for your kitchen sink area. If your kitchen ceiling is too high, you should consider having some dropped pendant light fixtures in order for your kitchen sink area to get the maximum light. Compact fluorescent lamps are the most popular and efficient options when it comes to kitchen sink lighting. Also, you should not forget to have some quality controls namely dimmers for increased lighting performance.            

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