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Kitchen lighting for kitchen islands and kitchen splashbacks.

Kitchen lighting can be basic as it gets. But it really doesn’t need to be. We believe that the right lighting for any room in your home can change and dictate the mood and usability of the room. If you think of the lighting you need for your kitchen you are probably thinking bright lights so you can see everything, have you ever thought about a few different types of lighting?
Ok we are not saying get a heap of Hollywood lights and slap them in your kitchen but a few smart options for lighting could be all it takes to turn a mediocre kitchen into a sleek, modern and desirable room of your home.
Let’s just look at two different areas in the kitchen that normally lack lighting attention, the splash back around kitchen cabinets and kitchen island lighting.
Splash backs; they don’t just have to be a piece of tile try getting a glass or perplex and having it mounted over the top of lights. This helps light up the dark corners of your bench making it seem more spacious and think about what color this is going to project it could be great in a cool blue or sassy red and this would give the kitchen a personality of its own.

Blue Back Splash
LedFX are the leader in the market for illuminated splash backs. Check out their site and you will see the versatility of their products and how many unique ways it can be used. Each technique gives the rooms each a distinct personality.

Does your kitchen have a kitchen island? Well you don’t want to just have this light with stock standard lighting! Our kitchen island has always been a feature in the kitchen so yours should too. There are many varieties of kitchen island you can choose from however it all depends on the decor of your space; country, retro, contemporary, futuristic. So here are a few we thought were the pick of the bunch!

Ball pendant Light
This pendant style ball like is sexy and contemporary which would like dynamic hanging over your kitchen island. There are a lot to choose from at Lighting Galaxy starting from US$175.00.

Country kitchen island lamp
This gorgeous and practical kitchen island lamp also functions as a utensil hook. You could possibly hook larger items such as saucepans on there but you wouldn’t want to over load it and block the light. Priced from US$396.00. Lamps and Lighting have a huge selection for you to choose from too.

Large cool hood light
This over sized kitchen island light by Fontanta has to be one of our favourites. The way that it is over sized draws you in and makes it feel like the island is a whole new room within the kitchen. This lamp is great in a kitchen with minimalist decor.

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