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Kitchen Chandeliers

Traditionally, chandeliers have been used as lighting fixtures for dining tables, foyers, formal dining rooms and large halls. However, they can also be used in bathroom and kitchen spaces as they are great when trying to set the right tone in such spaces. Also, they can make any living space livelier due to their exciting designs and brighter light colors. Once you decide to go for a chandelier in order to illuminate your kitchen space, you should be perfectly aware that this lighting fixture is sure to become the focal point of this space. So, it’s paramount to choose the right chandelier that matches both your kitchen design and your needs. Here are some tips for you to consider when looking for the right kitchen chandelier.

Kitchen chandelier by Sonneman

First, you will have to choose a chandelier style that can match the rest of your interior design. For instance, if your kitchen space is more traditional, you should go for a classic chandelier in order to get the perfect compatibility. Next, you will have to install a kitchen dimmer in order to have your chandelier controlled separately from other kitchen lighting fixtures. Make sure that you do not put all your kitchen lighting on just one switch or dimmer. If your kitchen is a non-eat-in space, you can go for a chandelier that is centrally placed but you will have to make sure that this piece isn’t hanging down too low.

Keep in mind that your kitchen is a work area and you will have to go for a chandelier that does not bother you or prevent you from working.  Remember that proportion and scale matter. For instance, a big chandelier is perfect for a big kitchen while a smaller one is perfect for a smaller kitchen space. So, measuring your kitchen space is crucial when looking for the right kitchen chandelier. The kitchen chandelier’s diameter is supposed to be 12 inches narrower when compared to the width of the kitchen table in order to avoid banging your head on your kitchen chandelier.

Kitchen chandelier by Kichler

Next, you will have to make sure that you hang the kitchen chandelier 30" to 34" from the kitchen ceiling and right over your dinette table or kitchen island - this rule is to be applied when you have an 8 foot high kitchen. If your kitchen space is higher, you will have to hang your chandelier 3 inches higher per every additional foot in your kitchen ceiling height. If you do not have a fan for ventilation or a range hood in your kitchen, you should make sure that your chandelier isn’t too close to the stove.

  Kitchen chandelier by ForteLighting

If you have to install the chandelier too close to the stove, go for a simpler chandelier design with glass rather than common fabric shades because such a chandelier is easier to maintain and clean. Hire a professional to install your kitchen chandelier in order to avoid any serious damage. Also, make sure that you use other lighting fixtures on dimmers in your kitchen space, along with your chandelier because, without such additional lights, your kitchen will seem smaller than it is.      

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