Top Styles for Your Tile Kitchen Flooring

A modern kitchen can be regarded as a genuine piece of art that can surprise due to its strong sense of cohesion and matching between every kitchen appliance and design that are chosen in order to bind together and for a perfectly finished puzzle of elegance and perfection. Kitchen floor tiles can provide this space with an impressive look and wow factor that will make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can go for the latest fashionable floor tiles that come in darker colors in order to hide grime and dirt. Royal Travertine tiles are another option for you to consider because this type of tiles was designed to be incredible versatile and strong and you may rest assured that they will last for a longer period of time without having to replace them with new ones.


Royal Travertine Kitchen Tiles, Supplier : Gilroy Tiles


If you are daring enough, you can go for the principle of opposite's attraction and choose a modern kitchen design that is based on a vivid contrast between the color of your kitchen walls and the one of your floor tiles. For instance, you can go for darker floor tiles combined with wall surfaces of a much lighter color. The effect will be guaranteed because this combination is likely to create a genuinely striking difference between your kitchen wall tiles and the ones you have used for the floor. Keep in mind that by being different and daring enough, you will come up with striking comparison of tile colors.You have a wide range of choices when looking for the right tiles for your kitchen floor. For instance, you can go for linoleum tiles or ceramic tiles that are 7 X 7 squares. Another option you may consider is the laminated floor tiles that are designed to look like quarry or wood tiles. Such tiles are 12 X 12 or larger.

Keep in mind that the tiles you are planning to use for your kitchen floor and their style will highly depend on the exact amount of money you are planning to spend as well as on the current size of your kitchen space. You may also consider some least expensive options in order to stay within your budget.


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  • For instance, you can go for the linoleum tiles beacuse they are likely to be among the cheapest tiles. Also, they are quite easy to install and you will not need to hire a professional tile installer in order to have this job done. Linoleum tiles are also softer and there are plenty of people who enjoy this particular feature, thus choosing to have linoleum tiles installed in their kitchens. Linoleum tiles come in a wide range of styles – some of them are designed to look just like quarry or wood tiles.


Linoleum Tiles, Supplier: Armstrong


  • A step up, ceramic tiles come. Such tiles should be installed right on a sub floor as it is also the case with the linoleum tiles. Ceramic tiles are more expensive when compared to other types of tiles such as colder or linoleum. Also, you will need to have them installed by a professional because this is not a job for you to handle.

Ceramic Tiles, Supplier: Aparici

  • Next, the quarry tiles may become your option for your kitchen flooring. Such tiles are over sized and they will have to be installed by a professional as well. Tile cutters are necessary too in order to provide your kitchen with a professional look. Such tiles are also costly and they are very likely to look better in larger kitchen spaces. You may consider using rugs for your quarry tiles in order to provide yourself with extra warmth and comfort. Go for kitchen rugs made of easy to clean materials that can add warmth to the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Quarry Tiles, Supplier - Medinah Flooring


  • Glass accented tiles could be another classy choice for your kitchen flooring. Glass tiles provide a space with depth, luminescence and sparkle other tiles such as ceramic or natural stones cannot provide. For instance, you can use glass tiles in order to get extra floor accents. When used sparingly, such glass tiles can provide your kitchen with dramatic visual effects.

Glass Accented Tiles, Supplier : Jewel Inlays

  • Metal tiles go pretty well with stainless steel appliances. You should go for such tiles especially if you use kitchen appliances made of stainless steel beacuse such metal tiles are extremely versatile and you will get the chance to play with various patterns and designs in order to come up with a perfect match for your kitchen flooring. Stainless steel tiles are extremely easy to customize. For instance, you can ask for a brushed or satin finish or you can have them warm bronzed or copper colored in order to provide your kitchen flooring with timeless class.


  • Hardwood tiles may not be the contractor’s favorite choice, but it could be yours. However, if these tiles are too expensive for you, you should go for the faux hardwood tiles instead. For instance, porcelain tiles can be manufactured in order to look just like hardwood tiles or even better. Faux hardwood tiles are also easier to maintain when compared to the real hardwood tiles and are extremely resistant to excessive moisture – which is not the case with real hardwood tiles.


Hardwood Tiles, Supplier - Southern Wood Floors


Keep in mind that not knowing what type of tiles is likely to go best with your kitchen flooring is not an excuse from having a shabby kitchen space. Shop around! Call reliable local suppliers and provide yourself with information about tile styles and their current costs. Make use of every resource you have in order to choose the right kitchen floor tiles.

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