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Caring for Your Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

Bamboo kitchen flooring requires regular maintenance in order to keep its surface long lasting and free of dirt. Since its surface is constantly subjected yo wear and tear, you will have to make sure that you have the time to clean your bamboo flooring on a regular basis in order to prevent the deterioration of its features. You will need no professional cleaner in order to do the job. A proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your kitchen bamboo flooring shining and scratch free.


  • The accumulated dirt must be cleaned by using a clean fiber broom. But if you notice that the dirt accumulation is too big, you should use a vacuum cleaner in order to make sure that dirt is removed from the bamboo surface.


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  • Food particles, liquid spills and every sticky matter must be removed as soon as possible by using a soft cloth you have soaked in water. 

  • Keep in mind that excessive water must not be applied to your kitchen bamboo flooring beacuse this is likely to harm its surface. Go for good quality floor mops in order to make sure your bamboo flooring stays clean.


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  • Another thing you should know about your kitchen bamboo flooring is that you must avoid exposing it to direct sunlight because this is very likely to lead to unwanted color changes. For instance, you should use floor mats before your kitchen entrance in order to make sure that minimum dirt will be accumulated. Shoes should also be used in order to protect the bamboo flooring from excessive tear and wear.  

  • Make sure that you cover all your kitchen movable pieces of furniture with special protective pads, wherever these pieces of furniture touch the bamboo flooring. You may also try and change the position of your kitchen furniture from time to time in order to avoid possible color changes or diminish their appearance.


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  •  If the accumulated dirt is too much to be removed by a regular cleaning, you may choose to use protective urethane coating. This type of coating can be removed by using light sand paper in order to install a new coating whenever you feel this is necessary. Keep in mind that solvent based urethane is usually preferred over a water based urethane. This protective coating should be applied by using a wool pad. The second layer of coating must be applied only before 48 hours. You must not use a very hard sand paper beacuse this could actually harm the bamboo surface deeply.

  • Usually, every bamboo manufacturer provides its clients with literature on proper bamboo care maintenance. However, if this literature was not made available to you, you should ask for proper pieces of advice in order to maintain your kitchen bamboo flooring and prolong its lifespan. Remember that it is highly advised to avoid using wax, polish or soap in order to clean a bamboo surface. If necessary, you may go for some special floor cleaners that were designed to clean bamboo flooring. Kitchen bamboo flooring is among the most low cost, less time consuming and ideal kitchen flooring.

As far as its daily maintenance is concerned, kitchen bamboo flooring can be cleaned with a dist mop. Keep in mind that you must avoid letting pet hairs, dust or dirt settle on your kitchen bamboo flooring. The foot print marks can be removed by using a damp sponge. Once a week, make a solution of warm water and white vinegar in 4:1 ration. As you clean every part of your kitchen bamboo flooring by using this solution, you will have to pat it dry too by using a soft towel. Avoid letting this solution stand on the bamboo flooring for a longer period of time because this could damage your kitchen bamboo flooring.

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