Kitchen Island Furniture - Suspended Seating

A great idea for seating around your kitchen island is suspended seating. It gives the illusion of freeing up space in your kitchen whilst being practical. You will need a kitchen island that is a permanent fixture as you can imagine the drama of one that isn’t!

The seats are attached to the kitchen island with durable brackets; it is advised that the kitchen island is reinforced on the side that the seats will be fixed to. The chairs are placed on a swivel hinge so you can easily slide in and out of them. It is recommended that you have a 24 inch gap between each outer edge of the chairs so they don’t bang into each other and you don’t knock your knees.

Seating Innovations are the creators of this great concept, but I am sure you can find others that will install in residential homes. For the budding DIY-er make sure you take into account of the weight that the chair and kitchen island need to support and reinforce the kitchen island and make sure it is strong enough to hold everyone. Here are some design ideas Seating Innovations have to offer. *All prices are POA.


Suspended Seating for Kitchen islands

These lovely maple wood chairs are hinged off rubbed bronze brackets.

Suspended Seating for Kitchen islands

Made with oil rubbed bronze and includes a padded seat cushion. The brackets are made from a stainless steel.

Suspended Seating for Kitchen islands

Created with an Alder wood seat this design includes stainless steel components for the chair frame and brackets.

Suspended Seating for Kitchen islands

Black coated steel with stainless steel brackets these cute island chairs have upholstered cushions for added comfort.

Suspended Seating for Kitchen islands

For a more contemporary style this design is great. Made with Maple wood and stainless steel.

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