Custom Kitchen Trends
Any custom kitchen design is going to require a well thought development of details and ideas and you will have to come up with the right plan in order to satisfy a wide range of needs and stick to your budget. Creating the necessary plan for your custom kitchen is likely to be a challenging task and you will have to know how to combine function and beauty in order to get what you need. When planning your own custom kitchen space, you should start with the storage areas such as the rails, pot racks, shelving, cabinets, pantry and drawers. Also, you will have to consider your kitchen countertop and decide on its material. Here are the main trends you should consider when planning your custom cooking space in order to come up with the right kitchen remodeling project.


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First, you may consider getting hardwood mouldings in order to create your kitchen custom look. For instance, adding some quality hardwood mouldings to each of your kitchen cabinets will provide the whole space with a unique richness. Such mouldings are already available in maple, cherry and oak. Plus, they can provide your kitchen cabinets with interesting details that include valances, galley rails, open shelves, fluted columns and cornices. Hardwood mouldings can help you get the perfect combination of beauty and function without having to spend a fortune on your custom renovation. You can have them installed along the face or around the corners of your kitchen cabinets in order to minimize their square and unappealing look.

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Solid hardwood flooring is another option that you should consider when planning to have a custom kitchen space. Hard flooring is a great solution mainly due to its highly practical features and simple beauty. When compared to other types of kitchen flooring, solid hardwood flooring is much thicker and this means that it’s perfect for sound proofing and good for insulation too. Additionally, solid hardwood flooring is designed to last for a long period of time and it can also be refinished several times. For instance, if you want to get a new look for your solid hardwood flooring, all you will have to do is to sand its surface instead of replacing it. Another interesting and stylish alternative when looking for a custom kitchen space is to use unfitted and free-standing cabinets as they can provide your kitchen with more free space for your displays, windows or columns. They can provide an interesting design element that will give your kitchen space an extra touch of character.

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You can go for custom look in your kitchen counter tops as well. For instance, you should consider creating a custom look for each of your kitchen countertops as there are so many materials available on the current market. For instance, you can mix such counter top materials – use concrete embedded with metal or bits of glass in order to get a unique appearance for your kitchen countertop. Or you can use soapstone or marble mixed with engineered quartz in order to get a custom but more expensive look. Butcher blocks can also be used in specific kitchen areas as they are an important part in the current trends that are focused on getting custom kitchen spaces.

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