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Round Modern Kitchen Trends

Do you want a modern kitchen? Find out what will be the next step in kitchen design!

The round kitchen is one of the most modern and impressive types of kitchen. It is characterized by an interesting, attractive and extremely practical design. The furniture is often made of a novel and modern material: fronts made of coloured, tempered glass. Round kitchens are modern and are characterized by elegance, functionality, simplicity and spaciousness. The furniture is positioned so as to allow easy access to all the necessary utensils and appliances, and facilitate the cleaning process. Another part of the kitchen, which plays an increasingly important role, is represented by electronics. They become so powerful from day to day, that they almost prepared food by themselves. The appliances more or less useful, more or less effective, such as the stove, refrigerator, microwave, fruit squeezer, food processor, extractor, sandwich maker, electric grill, etc., bring a plus in terms of decor. The most important aspect when planning a kitchen is not the opinion of experts, friends or guests, but of the people who use that kitchen daily.



The boring straight lines and the 90 degrees angles of classical kitchens have been replaced by arcs of circles, curved lines and geometry of the sphere. This concept belongs to PEDINI who claim that their kitchens impose a new trend. These kitchens are not only super-tech, but also ergonomic, with a minimal look that develop in any person the pleasure of cooking.

With these new kitchens you quickly get to the oven, shelves, refrigerator, countertop, as they are all at easy reach, they surround you. Besides usability, the new kitchens are very attractive and stylish – especially suitable for modern interiors.

Tomassi Cucine





One of the most talented interior designers, Tomassi Cucine, created this round kitchen, with an extremely modern and practical look. This kitchen cabinet is equipped with a layer of glass on top of the table, for convenience in the process of putting luxury sets in the kitchen. The best way of setting the furniture in a kitchen is by combining minimalist with comfort style at the same time. With an inspired lighting, you will create an unparalleled atmosphere in the kitchen.


   This kitchen from Romanys is elegant and modern at the same time, combining a modern and efficient design with the use of more conventional materials in terms of manufacture: cherry wood veneer. If you don’t want the wooden look, or don’t like the colour, you can change these elements, since 20 glossy colours and 5 metallic colours available for the doors.
Inside the cabinet, the shelves are made of steel wire shelves, chrome and accessories to keep the contents tidy. The shelves are at different heights for different storage needs. This means that all the available space in the cabinets can be used.





Effeti Cusine highlights the Italian fashion with its ergonomic designs, high quality materials and craftsmanship. Their motto is creating practical kitchens which help make daily activities simpler with the use of new, innovative technologies.

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Tomassi Cucine


 Effeti Cusine

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