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Evaluating Kitchen Cabinets Prices
Kitchen Cabinets should be measured by evaluating cabinet price tags in light of worth and benefits obtained.  There are certain variables that influence the general quality in the cabinet construction.  These pricing factors are comprised of the superiority of the total construction such as the materials used.  

Many factors influence cost when planning to purchase kitchen cabinets.  The buyer must take into account if the kitchen cabinets are constructed with quality materials, do they have a good appearance, will the finish hold up, is the style appealing?  Extra details such as molding will increase the cost.  The quality of the hardware and storage extras must all be compared.  

The price of a plain and simple box can quickly increase, in fact, with the addition of several built-in storage sections, a better finish or raised-panel door style, and top of the line hinges and hardware. Frameless-kitchen cabinets have a tendency to be more expensive than face-frame kitchen cabinets and they can be more time-consuming to install because they require expert craftsmanship.

Your choices for new kitchen cabinets, then, will depend on assessing both your functional needs and your style preferences, consider each, and possibly compromise to obtain the workability you need and the look you want at the price you can afford.

Ideas for Saving Money When Buying Kitchen Cabinets
You can accomplish significant savings in numerous ways.  Begin by doing comparison shopping in different areas and stores.  Keep in mind the Internet can sometimes offer the largest overall savings.  For example, a particular dealer on the Internet might offer the same if not superior quality that you may find in your local home improvement store due to lower overheard company circumstances.

Keep in mind that when your order your cabinets, your measurements must be extremely accurate to fit your kitchen module.  This rule is even more important if you are ordering frameless cabinets for your kitchen.  If you find this undertaking too tedious, you can hire a kitchen designer to do it for you.  Usually, the dealer’s staff is very good about helping with measurements and specifications.

Stock Cabinets Stock Cabinets You can also purchase stock kitchen cabinets in any number of sizes from home improvement stores and other retailers.  If you choose to go this route, you must be relatively confident about your measurements and your kitchen cabinet plan should be simple.

Stock kitchen cabinets can be bought in a wide assortment of sizes.  If your kitchen cabinet plan isn’t too complicated and you have your measurement intact, you can save even more money by purchasing locally and delivering them yourself.  Sometimes, ordering stock cabinets online is still the most cost effective way to go.  

If you are a skilled craftsman, you can do most of the installation work yourself. Otherwise, hire a good contractor to install your new kitchen cabinets.

You can sometimes arrange with dealers to deliver the cabinetry without installing it. That becomes your contractor's responsibility, and the potential savings to you is 10 to 20 percent.

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Do Save Money
Unfinished CabinetsA wide selection of kitchen cabinet manufacturers offers unfinished cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets. You can then finish them yourself with special stains or by antiquing, distressing them. In this way, you will get the appearance of custom kitchen cabinets at the price of stock.

Remember that several smaller cabinets will cost substantially more than fewer but larger components in the same space, and adjustable shelves cost more than fixed shelve.

The ultimate cost-saving strategy is to reface your existing kitchen cabinets rather than replace them, possibly cutting the costs in half.   Keep in mind this kind plan can only work if you retain your basic kitchen cabinet configuration.  Don’t attempt refacing your cabinets if time has been unkind and the cabinets are now crooked and sagging or if you need more storage.

If you choose to go the refacing route, you get new fronts for cabinet drawers and drawers as well as the support pieces (stiles and rails). You can also reface the inside of the cabinets if you want to change the wood grain or have glass doors.

Check to see if you can order new cabinets to match the ones you already have.


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