7 Dashing Kitchen Handles and Pulls
Update existing kitchen cupboard or cabinets with new handles or pulls. It is more cost effective then remodeling the whole kitchen or compliment your new kitchen design. Best of all new handles can be self installed by unscrewing your existing handles and popping these in their place.
Edgar Berebi Handle

These elegant handle are created by
Edgar Berebi as part of their Belmont Knob range. Priced at US$50.00, which is great for a gold and amethyst feature in your kitchen.
Liberty Pull

Liberty Hardware have created and stock this modern door pull. It is available in a variety of colors and is nickel based. Priced at US$12.99 each.

This handle is a
Milano Brushed Nickel Steel handle. This particular handle I being old through an ebay store, SANTA CRUZ CABINET HARDWARE. They stock a large range of new handles and pulls tarting from US$1.49 each.
Egg handle

Eggs anyone? This egg shaped handle would be great for the kitchen.
‘Knobs, Hinges and More’ are suppliers of this handle. It is made from stainless steel and retails at US$23.38.

Keep the kitchen handles interesting with this handle design. Created by
Siro designs and sold through Knobs and Hardware it retails a US$7.71 each. It also comes in a range of finishes such as French Bronze and Matt Nickel.
Valli Valli

Italian designers
Valli and Valli produce a large amount of gorgeous handles and pulls. This I just one of their designs. It has a polished chrome finish and retails at US$28.00.
Glass handles

Wanting glass handles but without the glass? Try these,
Eastlake Double Dummy Glass Door Knob (Polished Chrome Finish). They project an elegant style in the kitchen without looking like your classic kitchen pull. Priced at US$61.99 each. (Approx 17 handles in an average kitchen that’s over $1000 on handles, you must really love your handles)

Kitchen Handle and Pulls Suppliers

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