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Freestanding Bathtubs

Good bathing experiences require good bathtubs too and if you plan to redecorate or renovate your bathroom space, you should definitely consider having a freestanding bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs are convenient to install and they come in stylish and elegant designs as well. For instance, you can have your freestanding bathtub mounted right on the bathroom floor or you can install it in a much higher place in order to get a truly dramatic impact on your whole bathroom space. A freestanding bathtub can easily become the focal point of your bathroom space.


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Freestanding Bathtub by Falper


There are plenty of freestanding bathtubs designs to complement any type of modern bathroom – for instance, freestanding bathtubs can come with angled braces and claw feet. By using a freestanding bathtub, your bathroom space will become even more spacious because the blockage in its center will be lessened. Freestanding bathtubs are especially designed to be installed and used without any contact with adjacent bathroom walls. This way, more decorative placement options will be provided for the whole bathroom space. However, if your bathroom space is smaller, then a freestanding bathtub is not the right choice for you as it can take up more space when compared to other traditional options.


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Freestanding Bathtub by Wetstyle


But if your bathroom space is larger, you can go for a claw foot tub as it can add simple functionality and decorative charm to this space. Also, acrylic and fiberglass materials are likely to add extra versatility as well without forsaking the genuine and original charm of a freestanding bathtub. However, before purchasing a freestanding bathtub for your bathroom, you must make sure that you have taken excellent measurements of the whole space especially if it is smaller. Unlike corner or traditional bathtubs, a freestanding bathtub requires free room in order to have all the necessary fitting and plumbing options. Also, draining options are to be considered as well in the case of a freestanding bathtub just in case that any leak or crack occurs with your tub.


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Freestanding Bathtub by Hoesch


When looking for a freestanding bathtub, you will have to match its style with your own decorating goals and personal taste.  Also, you will have to match its shape to everything that fits into your bathroom space. Keep in mind that, regardless of its shape, you will have to include enough space for the base mount and connection tube. The installation costs are to be factored as well. Most of the freestanding bathtubs can be installed without any professional help and they can easily become a DYI project. However, if you have no plumbing skills, you should definitely go for a professional contractor in order to avoid any costly mistakes.      

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