Basic Facts about European Bathroom Vanities

European bathroom vanities have known a significant increase in popularity mainly because they come in varied styles such as contemporary or more eloquent ones. For instance, one of the most popular European bathroom sinks is the all-stone vanity. This vanity comes with housing and basin that consist of some top-quality stone, thus providing a contemporary look that is both elaborate and practical. Such vanities come in natural rocks in order to add a more natural touch to the bathroom space.

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Also, they come with silver or brass faucets in order to add elegance to their design. Geometric shapes are also used on European bathroom vanities – for instance, free standing basins or curved basins are used in order to provide the vanities with a more contemporary look. One of the best things about such European bathroom vanities is that they are designed to be placed in classical, traditional and even contemporary bathroom designs. Since they are highly elegant and detailed, European vanities draw attention to them and may easily become the main attraction of a bathroom space. Also, they come in a wide range of colors and styles and you should go for the right European bathroom vanity that can match your bathroom design.


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White Valentino European Vanity, BathGems

So, if you want to stick to the old-fashioned route when it comes to your bathroom vanities, you should go for a European vanity made of walnut, redwood, oak or cherry wood. A rustic or highly polished wood bathroom vanity can turn out to be really effective when it comes to providing your bathroom with a more European aura. Also, such vanities can create a lovely contrast with your bathroom tiles and mirrors. Keep in mind that it’s highly recommended to try and bring out all the color and luster of the hardwood from which your European vanity is made of – make sure that you choose the right color that can compliment your bathroom area.


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Oakmont European Design Red Oak Vanity, BathGems

European bathroom vanities also come in classic styles – such vanities are usually made from pure dark wood or they may have several components that provide a rich and elegant overall appearance. Such classic vanities are designed to imitate and convey the classy and elegant style of pure marble through mahogany or cherry. Modern European bathroom vanities come in metal, stainless steel, glass and stone. Their brightness and luster will provide the bathroom space with a neat appearance and contemporary look. For instance, you may go for a mix of light and dark colors in your bathroom vanity in order to provide the whole space with a modern and sleek feel.


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Wicklow European Style White Bathroom Vanity, BathGems

The doors and surfaces of such modern European vanities are likely to be extremely smooth – actually, some of them may even come without handles, pulls or knobs. Their faucets are usually made from stainless steel in order to provide a hi-tech look while their mirrors come in various shapes and sizes that are likely to be larger when compared to other traditional styles.








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