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Bamboo Bathroom Vanities - Stylish and Affordable

A bamboo bathroom vanity is sure to improve the beauty and style of your bathroom space. Such a vanity can easily serve as a focal point in your bathroom. Bamboo bathroom vanities come in a remarkable variety, with great variation in finishing, designing and construction. A bamboo bathroom vanity features cabinets, vanity top and a sink. Some of these vanities come with glass vessel sinks as well while other come with bronze platinum sinks. Bamboo bathroom vanities work great as functional and decorative furniture – regarding their utility value, bamboo vanities provide a really generous storage space for bathroom accessories and products including soap dishes, waste bins, countertop accessories, shower curtains, toothbrush holders, tissue holders or hooks.


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Bamboo Bathroom Vanity by Duebi Italia


Also, some bamboo bathroom vanities come with matching medicine cabinets. Such bathroom vanities are first-rate when it comes to beauty and strength and you can easily purchase one of them at a quite affordable rate. A bamboo bathroom vanity can help you get a tropical, beach like or even Asian influence for your bathroom space. You should not think of bamboo as being a limiting factor because this is not the case. Bamboo can be painted just like any other type of wood and you can easily get an attractive and natural finish for your bamboo vanity in order to protect it and prolong its natural shine.


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Bamboo Bathroom Vanity by Cerasa Group


Grain orientation should also be considered when planning to purchase a bamboo bathroom vanity. Strips of bamboo are glued in order to be held together – so, they can be oriented vertically or horizontally depending on the chosen orientation of the stalks. So, the type of grain you are planning to have will depend on your own personal aesthetic preferences. Bamboo bathroom vanities are designed to be neutral enough – they can easily work with almost every type of bathroom sink.


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Bamboo Bathroom Vanity by Luke Works


Once you decide to purchase a bamboo vanity for your bathroom space, you should pay attention to the following tips in order choose the right vanity and learn how to take proper care of it. Start by looking for bamboo bathroom vanities that come with as low- or even no-VOC finishes and low- or even no- formaldehyde content. Also, you will have to make sure that the bamboo vanity you choose has been made from mature stalks coming from reputable manufacturers in order not to compromise durability. While bamboo is a quite water-resistant material, you must not let your bamboo bathroom vanity get soaking wet. Keep in mind that a slightly damp or dry cloth is adequate when it comes to keeping your bamboo bathroom vanity clean.       

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