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7 Ultra-modern Bathroom Vanity Ensembles

2010 brings a whole new perspective in bathroom design trends, proof of this being the ultra modern, innovative, even avan-guard bathroom vanities and vanity ensembles, perfect for the contemporary homes of the third millennium.

The ambient style meets our individuality, identifies and defines our personality. Thus, the ideas and decorating solutions should eventually lead to a unified and distinctive style for our bathroom, a perfect combination of finishes and interior decoration. When arranging our bathroom, we must find a balance between aesthetic and functional, useful and decorative. Bathrooms have become spaces whose planning requires the same attention as other rooms, the sanitary objects appearing now in new shapes and colours, blending perfectly with the whole space.

Italian designers are known to be true trend-setters, always one strep ahead from the others, and bathroom vanity producer Lacev-Mobilacev is no exception. The Italian company proposes three trendy collections of bathroom vanities which combine classic elements with ultra-modern shapes, materials and finishes.

KULT by Lacev




The high-polished / semi-gloss lacquer finish applied to the curved, sinuous shapes of this vanity will give your bathroom a classy and glamorous look. The delicate flower pattern highlights the vanity, giving it a distinctive note.

GEKO by Lacev




A cubist design, with clearly defined edges and vertices the Geko collection combines simplicity, utility and elegance. Built with vanguard materials such as veneered pinstripe oak, steel and having waterproof panels, Geko is perfect for the modern home.

DEEP by Lacev




Elegant, gently curved on the edges, spacious, equipped with ceramics washbasins, the DEEP vanity collection lights the entire bathroom, giving it a sleek look and feel.

Onda by Bandini




Recreate the movements of the ocean into your own bathroom with the avant-garde Onda Collection from Bandini! Inspired from the dynamism of the waves, the pieces have curved, fluid shapes and were created from multi-layer bended wood. The spacious, asymmetrical drawer matches perfectly with the same coloured Luce washbasin, which can be purchased separately.

Atmosfera by Bandini




The smooth, statuesque shape of the Atmosfera vanity, alternating curves and inclined, asymmetrical profiles is inspired from the Impressionist’s canvases, giving your bathroom a trendy and innovative look. 

Arya by Bandini




This bathroom ensemble with a very modern design, minimalist and pragmatic style, complemented by a bright white colour and a mirror equipped with LED lighting that gives a special luminosity is perfect for a strong, dynamic and balanced personality. The ensemble is completed by the practical shelves in perfect harmony with the wrapped lines of the sink and a very original mirror.




The newest trends in designing luxurious bathroom are reflected by the Grandier products. Every piece included in the set confers a plus of luxury and the magnificent blending of elements creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The cabinets made of solid wood assorted with the ultra-modern mirror with incorporated LEDs confer the bathroom a special radiance and a sense of elegance.

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