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5 Wall Decorative Shelves for Refreshing Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the room which often presents a problem regarding space, in the sense that it is either insufficient or uncomfortable in terms of geometry. To minimize these inconveniences, you can use the overhead racks, which can be placed in the space above the sink or near the tub. And since these sometimes load the visual space it is recommended to contact the simplified version of shelves, namely policies.



Currently, fashionable decorative policies are in trend especially in rustic-style decorated rooms. There are many ways to use decorative policies, the possibilities are practically limitless. In the next paragraphs you will find out what are the main reasons for using policies as decorative pieces of art in your bathroom. These reasons will focus on exposing the way in which they manage to change the setting and create an inspired atmosphere, without spending a large sum of money.



In the current economical conditions it is very difficult for us to find ways to embellish our homes, especially because decorative objects sometimes have excessive prices. Some can afford the luxury of spending large sums of money to re-plan the decorative scheme and rethink architectural changes in order to create a dream space, others do not. For the latter there are more affordable versions of designing space, one of them is the use of decorative  policies. The advantage is their diversity of shapes (straight, wavy, spiral, modular, etc.) and materials (wood, metal, glass, payment, etc.) and, implicitly, the availability of these decorative elements.



Another advantage of decorative shelves in the fact that they can, indeed, efficiently save up space. This is possible because shelves can be used, in a creative manner, for storing different kinds of objects needed in the bathroom: toothpaste, skin and hair products, detergent, books and even a small plant. Once you have hung a shelf on the wall, horizontally or vertically, you can give it both practical and aesthetical functions. Use shelves to separate products by category which you can put in woven wicker baskets in natural shades.



Decorative policies can help embellish the decor and shape a contemporary or rustic ambience. By adding this architectural element you can produce an aura of inspiration for anyone passing by that room.
Remember that there is absolutely no wrong way of incorporating these decorative elements, use your imagination and let your creative side wander. Improve the appearance of your bathroom by using decorative policies to form a shelf or a bedside. Don’t narrow your options, you’ll see how easy it is to invent new forms and concepts.

Decorative policies are therefore a scenery-inspired choice, because they don’t cost much, instead they help you create more space and a special, customized ambiance.


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