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Wooden baths for your bathroom
Imagine relaxing in a bath that is created with wood; bring elements of nature into your bathroom. Avoid the traditional porcelain and acrylic bath tub and have a wooden tub to soak away the day in.

Driftwood Handmade Wooden Baths have a variety of baths styles to choose from. Not only are they elegant, they also have sleek and minimalist lines making them robust and they don’t go out of fashion. Wooden baths are also better for the environment as they are made from renewable raw material and they trap more heat than an acrylic or porcelain baths; as when you fill with warm water the wooden tub does not have to be heated up as much as other bath tub materials would need to be.
Large driftwood tub

Wooden tubs have been inspired by Japanese baths and Driftwood Handmade baths have created a variety of styles to suit your bathroom decor and design. They have created rectangle, oval, corner and Japanese Ofuro inspired baths.

Driftwood Handmade Oval Tub

All of their baths have been coated with a durable coat over the wood to make it last a lifetime. Since wood is a naturally porous product Driftwood has created and tested a coating that will protect the product and make it survive whatever life throws at it.

All of the Driftwood baths can be ordered online and viewed on their website which is very informative about their fabulous product. It covers details such as dimensions, how to order a Driftwood Bath and why a Driftwood bath is the best choice in style and sustainability.

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