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The Newest Trends in Bathroom Design: Luxurious, Minimalist, Country Style  E-mail

Nowadays the bathroom has turned into a wellness "oasis" spa, a place of relaxation, excitement and disconnection from everyday stress. The central point is the water, as a priority item. Of all the rooms in the house, family members are found most often in the bathroom in order to start and complete their busy days. In today’s bathrooms we find the standard comfort that requires solitude, efficient use of space and the desire to maintain a certain level of wellness.

We will present some of the newest achievements of famous designers in bathroom ideas, which deal with various styles to assist you in arranging your bathroom in the style that best suits you.

Simplicity of the Contemporary Style


Contemporary style is known for its straight lines, and the attention given to modern art. Fortunately, since we’re talking about the bathroom, this style also has a ''quiet'' side, creating a meditative, quiet atmosphere.



 In fact, contemporary style is almost the natural choice when it comes to decorating your bathroom, as most of the furniture found in stores meet the requirements of this style, the surfaces are bright and open. Decorating your bathroom in a contemporary style you can be sure that the furniture and fixtures are elegant, with natural elements as inspiration.

If you want to get to inspirational ideas for decorating your bathroom in a modern style, take a look at this design from Swiss bathroom products manufacturer Laufen (pictures above). 

Traditional-Classic style bathroom items

Traditional style will turn an ordinary bathroom into a sanctuary fit for a king, giving it the grace, elegance and a look that will not go out over time. Inspired by the opulence of the eighteenth century European decorations, the traditional style is known by its gold decorations and floral materials, as well as decorative accents made of porcelain, gold and silver. Ordered yet sumptuous, traditional style is a mark of luxury.


 Italian designer Lineatre (pictures above) created a luxurious bathroom furniture for people who love glamour, but don’t want to loose sight of the functional aspect of this room. The whirlpool bathtub is the central piece of the collection, joined by marble tabletops, two wooden cabinets and a mirror with gold trim to complete the glamorous look.



Mastella (picture above) is another bathroom furniture manufacturer that proposes a series of contemporary, sophisticated designs. For a stylish design, they combined the modern wash basin décor with an additional wooden material. White is always a symbol of elegance, which, together with the clever, minimalist bath tub furniture ideas give a more generous space to move. Relax, rejuvenate, enjoy!

Country-style bathroom



Country elements are: natural materials, handcrafted furniture and decor (imperfections are not considered defects, on the contrary, they give an original score). A country-style bathroom will create an atmosphere of warmth inside the otherwise cold interior because of the tiles and perfect surfaces. Country or rustic style can be applied in different ways: the choice of intense colours and materials with old models, to opting for soft pastel colours and decorative accents, etc. So you have several choices of rustic trends...designing ideas are endless and ultimately you’ll have a dream bathroom!



Refresh your body and soul with these wonderful bathroom design models by Pearl Baths, both traditional and contemporary models. The choice of colour and texture is really beautiful, guaranteed to make your bath a qualitative experience.







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