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Walk-in bathtubs are regarded as more user friendly when compared to the standard types of bathtubs. Also, they come with therapeutic benefits. One of the most important features that make the difference between a walk-in bathtub and a standard one is the way the user is going to enter it. For instance, a walk-in bathtub will come with doors that are designed to open to the outside and to the inside. The threshold of these doors is very low thus allowing the user to enter his bathtub more easily even if he has certain difficulties with balance.


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Walk-in bathtubs are more convenient due to their doors that are designed to open to the outside and inside – due to the door design, their swing will not require to be accommodated directly in the bathtub installation. Also, such doors are regarded as safer mainly because their latch will be released and all the water will flow out as soon as something happens to the bathtub user. Walk-in bathtubs come with another important feature: their ability to drain all the water away rapidly.

For instance, most standard bathtub drains are likely to be1-1/2 inches in diameter. But a walk-in bathtub comes with 2 drains that have this approximate size thus allowing all the water to drain away almost twice as fast when compared to a standard bathtub drain. This way, you will not have to wait for too long before you manage to open the door of your walk-in bathtub.  


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Haven Walk in Bathtub


Therapeutic benefits of the walk-in bathtubs are worth mentioning as well. Just soaking in your bathtub full of warm water is going to be a therapeutic experience. For instance, you may purchase a walk-in bathtub that comes with air jet features thus adding extra benefits of a gentle massage. By using such a walk-in bathtub, you will improve your own range of motion and relax your stiff joints. Also, you may add some aromatherapy items to your walk-in bath in order to enhance its effects.

For instance, you can add lavender essential oil in order to soften your skin, improve your sleep quality and relax your whole system. Before beginning to shop for your walk-in bathtub, you will have to know all the necessary measurements of the home place you are going to fit the walk-in bathtub into. For instance, if you want to go for a walk-in bathtub that comes with doors that swing out right into your bathroom, you will have to purchase the right model that can work with your existing bathroom layout.


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Empower Walk in Bathtub


Also, you will have to get the measurements for every type of doorway your bathtub will have to pass right through because this will guarantee that you will not purchase a walk-in bathtub you won’t be able to enjoy and use. Also, when buying a walk-in bathtub, you will have to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The bracing of the walk-in bathtub because an inadequate one is going to lead to possible tub damage or collapse.
  • The material from which the walk-in bathtub is made: for instance, you may go for a fiberglass tub but you should be aware that this material is not as durable as acrylic. Make sure you compare the materials before purchasing your walk-in bathtub.
  • The warranty that comes with the tub – you will have to look at its length and consider the current rating of the manufacturer.

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