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'Relief Blanc' - Refinement of a French Contemporary Bathroom  E-mail

White structure and gray lighting: elegance displays its new colors. In complete conformity with the well-known French elegance and good taste, Aubade proposes a new, stylish, pure-white bathroom collection called 'Relief blanc', which satisfies even the most demanding tastes. In contrast with the gray level, the façades in relief, reflecting light in different ways, alternate with the glossy white lacquered fronts.


Sliding drawers and laundry English-style baskets share the space. These drawers are very practical as they allow you to store accessories and objects of different heights and volumes and accessories, creating a very well-organized storage space. In height the round mirror is highlighted by a graphite tablet.


 The mirror also has its own neon lighting, emitting a powerful light for an extremely precise make-up session. The bathroom is illuminated in three ways: the neon light incorporated in the mirror, lamps in the ceiling and the light coming from the window.


The wash basin has an ultra-modern, edgy design, in angles, straight lines and straight geometrical shapes colored in the Ying-Yang style of black and white.

The decorative elements – the vase, lamps and the little boats – complete the design idea and the sophisticated, contemporary look of the ensemble.


The whole bathroom as presented here costs € 3599. The lower sub-basin is 954 €, the clothes basket - 544 €, 2 sliding down 1 / 1 drawer costs € 1070 and the mirror is €622.

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