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Fashionable Bathrooms - Wooden Bath Sanitaryware from Francoceccotti  E-mail

The newest trend in bathroom furniture is wooden furniture, says Italian designer Francoceccotti.



Wood might seem like an odd choice for bathroom furniture, as there is a great contrast between the warm wood and other cold textures such as tiles. Also, unconsciously, we tend to think that water and wood don’t go together, but the Italian designers comes to this mith, showing us how this design can make a stunning bathroom.




Their collection is suggestively called "The Natural Range”. In a totally unexpected way the Italian company chose to furnish bathrooms with organic wooden objects, from basins and benches, to even bathtubs.
The accessories collection is also made from wood and combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture.



Besides the fact that the material they use is wood, what makes this collection even more special is the fact that each object is unique and unrepeatable. In total the collection includes: two types of bathtubs, three different bowl shaped sinks, accessories for towels and benches.



It is a warm, artisanal touch which in turn will give the bathroom a very elegant look. The new trend will certainly impose itself fast, because it is an unlikely, thus original juxtaposition.

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