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Bathroom Trends
The Ladybird Tub and Vanity
Ladybird tub

Coco Reynolds brings us the Ladybird Bath and Vanity Unit. Another practical and aesthetically pleasing design for the bathroom. Created for those who have a small bathroom space yet still desire a designer look. Available in red, black or white it consists of a tub with shower head and a removable top for the basin.
Ladybird bathtub
ladybug tub
Ammonite Wash Basin
Ammonite Wash Basin

You will be mesmerized with this fossil inspired wash basin. Made from patented concrete with a fossil shaped basin design, This basin is such a unique yet simple concept it would suit most modern designed bathrooms. Named the Ammonite washbasin after the fossil term, it has been created by High Tech. The dimensions are a customized size from 1200 to 1590 x 560mm with the fossil size basin being 64cm.
Ammonite Bathroom Sink

Bathroom glass basins by Bespoke
Bespoke glass basins
Step away from tradition. Instead of a standard ceramic or porcelain basin in your bathroom opt for a glass basin. Bespoke have a massive range of gorgeous colored glass basins that will be more than a feature in anyone’s bathroom. You can choose from round, rectangular and I think an oval shape. There is a massive range of colors and patterns to choose from too.

Bespoke basin ranges
Bespoke specialize in colored glass products for your bathroom and home. There are many other manufacturers of glass basins too but Bespoke seems to be well regarded in this field.

Bespoke Glass Basins
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