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3 Decorated Vas Lavatory Facucets from Kohler  E-mail


With a wide range of patterns and textures that give them unique, distinctive looks, decorated lavatory faucets are the hottest trend in bathroom interior designing. Combining textures, ideas and colors, having a history of 2,000 years to serve them as inspiration, sky is the limit for today's designers! Just a single look at the new decorated lavatories by Kohler will convince you they have created true works of art.


Stylish and sophisticated, the Cerana design catches the eye with its gold and brown jewel-like texture and the rhythmic pattern of joint-flying bees.



Recreating the look and feel of silk, the Silkweave model features a geometric pattern with platinum threads on a matte, while background. It's pure classic elegance.




White and blue flowers decorate this facet which was inspired by a porcelain vase dating from the reign of Yung Lo from the Ming dynasty. This ceramic piece gives a scent of tranquility and quiet luxury to the landscape.

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