7 Creative Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Your choice of tile will determine the entire look and feel of your of your bathroom and there are a few important things you need to consider when creating a bathroom tile design. Whether you go for glass, ceramic or hand painted tiles there are still endless designs and ideas to consider. The color you choose will define the space and create the mood for your bathroom, neutral colors are usually a safer option, but they are not always necessarily the best choice for a particular space. Try taking some samples home and look at them in various light at various times of the day.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to pick out just one tile design or pattern for the whole room. When done correctly, a combination of different tiles for your walls,Bathroom vanities, floors and shower can be more effective than a more traditional one tile fits all approach. While you're researching tiles, take a few notes about what you like with each tile design - is it the color, design or material? After a while you'll develop a short list that will assist you when it comes to the final bathroom tile selection (or selections).

jeruslaem_tile_muralThis design incorporates a simple tile layout with a few picture tiles to create a feature in a small bathroom. This design is by Jerusalem Pottery, picture tiles range from $22 each. Although they are located in Israel they will deliver world-wide in 3-5 working days from placing your order.



hakatai_bathroom_tileHakatai who specialise in glass tiles have created this design. Hakatai bathroom tiles are very unique and all carry an edge of style and class. Prices are start from US$11.90 per square feet.











English Tile CompanyThe English Tile Company has created this beautiful tile design. They have incorporated glass tiles and ceramic tiles. The company’s website is full of excellent tile galleries - perfect for some more inspiration. POA available via their ‘order’ line.








OceansideThis actual design and layout was created for the personal bathroom of Oceanside Glasstiles Vice-President. That’s putting confidence in your product. Their catalogue can be ordered online (which you'll need to get full pricing).

Steuler Fliesen TilesLive in luxury with luxurious tiles by Steuler Filsen. Their design range has glistening gold tiles or animal patterns for you to choose from. Again no indication of price and it seems that these would be quite costly...

Maestro MosaicsMaestro Mosaics provide a vast range of glass tile designs. Their website also displays self-installation instructions for those wanting to self tile their bathroom.












Pulpo tilesPerhaps you don’t want to replace your tiles but feel you have to update your bathroom? Try these tiles by Pulpo, they are self-adhesive and serve a purpose in your bathroom. They are great for smaller bathrooms and still stand out as a feature.








Bathroom Tile Suppliers

Earp Bros strives to maintain a tradition of quality. Their range is available online and include eco tiles, sustainable anti slip tiles, porcelain, wallpaper look tiles, pavers, cladding, timber-look tiles, metallic tiles, easy to install mosaics, marble mosaics, bamboo, glass and coconut mosaics.

Affordable Tiles (AUS)
They have large stock houses that allow for a immediate delivery and they can assist the initial design of your new bathroom.

Complete Bathroom Renovations (AUS)
Offering a range of tiles, bathroom products and appliances, everything you need to renovate your bathroom.

Tile Power (AUS)
Displaying most of their stock online so you can start to imagine the reality of your new bathroom.

Art on Tiles (US)
This is for people wanting hand designed tiles. There are many providers who offer this service now, Art on Tiles is just one of many.

The Tile Shop (US)
Offering a variety of tiles and stone for you bathroom and they will also offer design tips on your new bathroom reno.

House of Tile (US)
This place offers something many of the others don’t, free loan of tools to help complete your bathroom renovation! They also have a large range of tiles.

MDC Tiles and Bathrooms Ltd (UK)
The website displays a lovely feel about the business but for concise tile selection the website is brief and you will need to pop into one of their locations.

Tile Flair (UK)
Tile Flair make it simple for you, they layout a variety of themes and styles your bathroom could take on. The site shows all of this and individual tile stock as well.

Stone Emporium (UK)
Stone Emporium has a fantastic collection of classic and contemporary tiles, a unique selection of Kitchen and Bathroom accessories, all complimented by their very own team of master craftsmen, installers and tile fixers.

Fired Earth (UK)
Fired Earth is more than just a collection of products and services. It is a particular vision and a distinctive style, developed through; Craftsmanship, Originality, Creativity and Integrity.

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