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For a truly modern and classy bathroom, why not try installing a glass sink? Tempered glass is a surprisingly durable product that will make your bathroom the envy of all your friends.

Simple elegance

The sink is a well-used facility that has the potential to be the feature of any bathroom - glass is becoming the hottest material around to do this. Glass sinks come in a variety of colors, textures, shapes and styles to make your bathroom elegant and modern. Glass can be manufactured to have a beautiful array of color including heat-activated hues. Texture and shape are also variables that can make your bathroom ‘pop’. Take a look at 7 Inspiring Glass Bathroom Basin Designs for some fantastic style ideas.

The glass sink bowl can often be more closely compared to a work of art rather than an every-day bathroom facility. If you take a look at traditional bathroom vanities, they are mostly made of porcelain. If you are worried about a modern glass sink not suiting your bathroom, keep in mind it is possible to strike a balance between old and new by simply pairing a modern glass bowl with a traditional countertop.


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An example of a beautiful hand-crafted glass sink with matching faucet from Sinks Gallery



Tempered glass is the material used in glass bathroom sinks. It is a very durable product and much stronger than regular glass because of the way it is manufactured. The glass is first heated to just below melting point and then cooled at a very rapid pace. This ensures that the sink is robust and will withstand all everyday bathroom use and most heavy knocks. In the unlikely event that a very hard and heavy object does break the glass, it is designed to break into tiny, blunt pieces which will not inflict any deep cuts for maximum safety.

The strength of the sink also relies upon correct installment into the bathroom vanity, so make sure you seek professional advice. However, if you have plumbing and bathroom fitting experience it is simple enough to install a glass sink into a vanity or on a countertop as a free standing bowl. Care should be taken when applying the drain fittings to the base of the bowl. Tightening the fittings too much may cause the glass to chip or crack.

The other issue you must be wary of when using a glass sink is sudden changes in temperature. When filling the cold bowl with hot water you must gradually change the temperature of the water to avoid any damage. Remember – it is not possible to mend a chipped or cracked glass sink.



Keep your glass sink sparkling with glass cleaner or vinegar. It is an easier material to keep clean than acrylic, porcelain or stainless steel fixtures. Simply clean your sink when you wipe over your mirror.

The base of the bowl is the thickest part and the rim is the thinnest part of the fixture, therefore take care when cleaning the edge – you don’t want to put too much elbow grease pressure on the bowl.

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