Choosing a Bathroom Mirror TV

A Bathroom Mirror TV is a regular mirror (well, it's actually a 2 way mirror and a tv) - the important thing is that it has the ability to be both a TV and a mirror. Confused yet? Don't be... The Mirror TV is a device that is composed of a two-way mirror and a flat screen TV is mounted behind it. The mirror is then polarized making it possible for the TV to show through the mirror. So if the TV is switched off it appears as a mirror, but when switched on the image shows through.

Currently available in LCD and Plasma models, a Mirror TV is a functional space saver for rooms that would have a TV and a mirror such as a bedroom or living room. However, the Mirror TV is becoming more and more popular to be utilized in the bathroom in vanities, shower mirrors or as part of a luxury spa design.

While Mirror TV was original designed for luxury hotels, its popularity, and the fact that you can now buy a mirror TV off the shelf, has meant that they are now reasonably affordable - home owners looking to splurge on the latest techno-luxury item can now buy mirrored TV for anywhere between two and ten thousand US dollars.

Mirror TV's include High Definition functionality, common with the LCD technology used in the screens. ATSC digital tuners will be included with US models. Many of the models on the market have touch screen functioning and are web enabled (which means you can now read your favorite online newspaper while taking a bath or brushing your teeth).

Mirrored TV set for the bathroom


Bathroom Mirror TV Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of the Mirror Television, most of them are well known brands, but there are also some newcomers or lesser known players such as Mirror Media who are provide customized builds to an international market. Their entire Mirror TV range can be customized to suit your individual style or taste.

Another impressive company is “
ad notam" who have a variety of lines in their “Mirror Image" range. They can even tailor your mirror to a vanity mirror to place on a bedside dresser. Ad notam have pioneered and designed top of the range Mirror TV's. Their products all come with Internet access so you can check your emails from the sanctuary of your bathroom.

Seura products (Featured in the video below) have a patented mirror tv technology and they have a range of mirror TV products in their catalog. In any case, this video showcasing some of their products will show you exactly how mirror tv works;

Installing a Mirror TV

It's a good idea to use professional tradesmen to install the Mirror TV (as you would any large wall mirror in your bathroom.) When installing a mirror TV, special attention should be paid to the room's lighting so that glare on the TV is avoided. The screen should not be exposed to direct light because the mirror is slightly more sensitive to this than a conventional LCD or plasma screen.

It could be possible to build your own if you had knowledge on two-way mirrors and flat screen televisions. However one would also have to consider concealing the wires when mounting it to the wall and also looking at fog free glass for the bathroom. Creating your own Mirror Television could turn out to be more costly than buying one from the many suppliers available.

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The cost of your new Bathroom Mirror TV

As mentioned before, prices of bathroom mirror tv have fallen in recent times - at the time of writing, to purchase a bathroom mirror television you would be looking US at $1800 for a standard size and US$10 000 for something a little 'bolder'.


Where to buy a Bathroom Mirror TV?

Smarthome Mirror TvSmarthome has begun to develop similar technology to use in bathroom mirrors, allowing consumers to view television programming during their morning routine. These televisions usually take a small portion of the mirror, for practical reasons.

Mirror Media Bathroom TV MirrorMirror Mediaoffers the technology in British and Irish markets. Consumers can choose between LCD or Plasma displays. Products cannot be bought directly from Mirror Media, but are limited to specialty stores in the two countries. Mirror Media allows for much consumer customization, offering choice of frame, display technology and bathroom-use.

Coolvision Bathroom Mirror has a huge range of quality Mirror TV’s to suit your home and lifestyle.

Dobel Direct Mirrored Bathroom TVDoble Bathrooms Direct
17" Tilevision Bathroom TV Mirror Finish Screen. A TileVision is a completely independent digital television – totally waterproof (IP65) and totally tamper proof. All functions, including setup and tuning are remotely controlled, and the heated glass screen keeps the picture clear of condensation, making TileVision perfect for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms.


If you're interested in a mirror tv for your bathroom you may also be interested in our guide to Fog Free Waterproof Bathroom TV.

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