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Wall Sconces: The Perfect Match for a Modern Bathroom

The type of lighting you use in your bathroom can easily break or make this pace and this is the main reason why you should put some effort into decorating and choosing the right lighting for this space. Bathroom wall sconces are among the most popular types of lighting that are used in bathrooms due to their ability to illuminate the whole space with a gentle and soft glow.



Bathroom Wall Sconce in Brushed Nickel, CSN Lighting

Bathroom wall sconces provide smaller amounts of light when compared to other lighting systems and they should be placed on top of the mirror or alongside your main vanity lights. This way, you will provide your bathroom with an extra touch of genuine elegance. Wall sconces are light fixtures that direct their light upwards. Their light source is covered or protected with various bowl-like designs that are used in order to allow the necessary light to be directed right upwards. This way, the light has a low intensity. This dim lighting is perfect for a bathroom space.


Sea Gull Lighting Metropolis Bathroom Wall Sconce in Brushed Nickel, CSNLeather

The material and design that is used for your wall sconce lighting are going to depend on the themes or motifs you plan to have in your bathroom design. For instance, you may go for an Art Deco, crystal, contemporary, Asian, religious, early American, retro, rustic, old world, Tiffany, tropical or Victorian style. If you are interested to provide your bathroom with a natural and more dramatic feel, you should go for hand-made wall sconces that are made from porcelain and ceramic. These 2 materials are going to exude a perfect and natural ambiance to your space and they also fit with most types of bathroom fixtures and furniture.


Hinkley Lighting Gramercy 1 Light Vanity in Chrome, CSNLeather

Traditional wall sconce designs, such as Victorian or medieval designs, are made to direct their light upward. But if you are interested to provide your bathroom with a more modern touch, you should go for wall sconces that provide bi-directional lighting, downwards and upwards. However, you should know that such modern designs are likely to provide more light when compared to the more traditional designs.


 Minka Lavery Belcaro One Light Bath Vanity Wall Sconce in Belcaro Walnut, CSNLeather


Wall sconces can provide your bathroom space with luxurious and elegant quality, but you will have to plan everything well in advance in order to maximize their designs and styles to the fullest. Also, you must make sure that the wall sconces you choose will not cause any damage due to increased moisture. Keep in mind that your bathroom is an extremely damp place and you will have to choose wall sconces that are bathroom friendly in order to avoid any possible hazard.





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